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Angsting About Contact + Jane Eyre

2020-04-09, 5:22 p.m.

I had a minimum of meetings today (one!) and the phone call with Tigress got cut off when she got another call, so that was nice. Pretty quiet. However, I have been told I have to have a two hour meeting tomorrow schooling me on how to respond to emails, because I can't do that right either. Shoot me now.

That's all I feel about saying about work. Did manage to take two 15 minute breaks to walk around the house, so there's that, and then an hour afterwards.

Also, webcams are sold out, so hah! Hopefully this means I can’t get one from work!

So Arne and Carlos updated today....yes, Carlos got coronavirus* and has been officially diagnosed with such. Oddly, Arne, the one who had a bit of a cough during official quarantine, tested negative. GO FIGURE. I don't understand how that happens when you are together all the time. I'm wondering when the heck he came down with it because they went through quarantine and seemed to be fine and "supposedly" after 14 days you're supposed to be able to go out of complete shut-in-ness. Like every other thing with this disease, it's worse than anyone guessed it would operate, I suppose.

* Honestly, I prefer saying "coronavirus" to COVID or COVID-19 or SARS-whatever or whatever. Purely because it sounds prettier, even though why I want to make a horrible disease "prettier" is beyond me.

I did finish their knitalong, at least! Now I guess we wait until he feels better to find out how to finish the pillow.

It horrifies me to read articles about how people went to a birthday party (Washington Post link) on March 6 and then 80% of the attendees got coronavirus and 2 died, crap like that. It makes me think I must have been very, very lucky to not run into anyone with it when I was still running around having fun on March 10.

I finished reading "Daisy Jones and the Six," which turned out to be better than I thought it would be. The overall concept of the book is not necessarily my favorite, but I got into the female characters, at least. And I got the review written, so good for me there.

While online today, I read someone’s comment saying that she finally met someone on Tinder that she’s really into and he lives close by and they can’t hang out in person and it feels like a cruel joke to meet him NOW. I posted something sulky and sad and waaaaah in response myself, along with some commentary along the lines of “this is exactly the sort of thing I keep thinking seems like a bad idea with everyone who is trying to date now.” Then someone else was all, “it’s pretty unrealistic that people aren’t going to look for love connections,” and I was all, well, I’ve gone sixteen years without....AND COUNTING, GOING FOR TWENTY NOW, AIN’T I...etc.

And while I was writing my wanky response to that, someone posted that she finally got offered a kidney transplant and...given the circumstances, had to turn it down even though they said it would probably be at least two years before she matched with someone else, if ever. I felt like a shallow asshole after seeing that one, lemme tell ya. And said so.

The lady who needs a transplant graciously said our situations are similar in that we both want something for years and years and can’t have it, and then offered Internet hugs, and then I started crying AGAIN.

Later, I saw another one about someone who started dating an ER doctor a week before this...he keeps in touch, says their conversations are a bright spot, she’s trying to be cautious but it seems stupid not to hope a little...Oh god, this one.

On a related note, tonight’s Pick A Card reading on “How would they react if you contacted them?” (I picked the monkey, makes sense in video context) said that he’d be cold and distant and guarded and he’s in his own head in the moment and stuck in the past. “I’m not seeing that they would reject you, but they wouldn’t start running towards you.” They want to connect with you--have feelings and want to--but have anxiety over relationships in general. They won’t let you in right away and would need time to think things through.


Tonight I am watching Jane Eyre.

* It's...very artsy, boring wood frame set.
* Jane looks pretty... casually dressed with her hair down? Weird. Hard for me to get into the mood.
* And frankly, I always want to fast forward past Jane's crap childhood so dragging through that in artsy-style and casting an adult and then playing her as a child are not things I enjoy so much.
* It's all very weird and artsy and creepy.
* A random lady comes out and sings periodically while wearing a red dress--at one point she sings "Mad About The Boy."
* One guy is playing like, the horse and dog and just running around making animal noises.
* It's very distracting and I can't get into the play for all the weird artsiness.
* Jane has a random echo chorus at times? I just can't get into the story for all the artifice. Jane to me is very real and this show wrecks that.
* Rochester drops the f-bomb, straight up, in his entrance.
* I do give them props for actually lighting fires on stage, though.
* I'm surprised they didn't do the "Rochester dresses up like a fortune teller" scene when they haven’t really changed much else. (Maybe because the actor has one of those Portland-style beards?) I'm disappointed, that's always a crazy damn hoot in the book.
* Good lord, Rochester, you haven't paid the woman in six months and she only has five shillings?! Get on the stick, dude.
* When Rochester asks if Jane could make him pretty or whatever it w s, she says, "That would be past the point of magic, sir." That gets a rare laugh in the show, along with him saying "poor, plain and little as you are, marry me!" later. And "Say yes! Quickly!"
* I'll say this: by the time they finally got to the part where Rochester talks about the string between their hearts--that was where I actually started feeling this play, and what I was waiting for and why I stuck through watching two hours of it when I hadn't been all that into it. I hear you on the string, sir. Also enjoyed them making out while Rochester is on a ladder but positioned so that he's shorter than Jane on the platform. You don't see that angle much.
* Why is St. John played by a woman? Weird dynamic in that one. Also, when he insists on having a wife he can...y'know, basically mold and manipulate...God, I hate that guy so much.
* At one point the opera lady in the red dress is singing a slowed down version of "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley. Seriously, this show is just so weird.
* I admit I am kvelling when Jane and Rochester finally reunite again. Finally, finally. This show needs more of the two of them and less of, oh, I dunno, her backstory and St. John. I know, that's the plot, but still.
* Rochester takes off his coat and they pretend it's a baby....girl? I thought they had a boy?'s a weird show, but I do concur they got Jane and Rochester as a couple right, at the very least. I just wish it had less overdone artsy crap taking me out of Jane's story so much.

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