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Divey Quarantine Cooking + Jesus Christ Superstar

2020-04-10, 5:39 p.m.

My coworker is going to get dressed in her Coachella clothes* and get online with her friends and watch some kind of Coachella-type thing online. I'm not sure if it's this thing or not, but something like that.

* Note: she's said things I wear look like something that would go to Coachella, so I'm really curious what she's got. I said to send me a pic....who knows there, but she was flattered.

We're told that Lioness IS coming back but working something like 6-2:30 starting next week.

Tigress was all, "I have a giant list of things I want you to do right now" and I was all, "I can't, I have to be in a meeting for two hours in which I'm told that I can't write emails properly." For the record, the meeting notification/email was about phrased in that direction, which reasonably made me think that I was going to get schooled/shamed for how I wrote the portal emails. Probably for saying stuff like "I don't know if (blank) is going to be (blank) or not, we're still waiting on notification, but I wouldn't make plans that (blank) is going to happen if I were you." Or whatever. I am pleased to report that this meeting was NOT like that, it boiled down to "here, we have one of our younger employees who's being limited on her work hours, I am going to let her remotely work my computer to answer the portals and we can find out what the heck the answers are." This was a great move, actually, and I said sign me up if you want to do this again because the other employee knew more about the weird shit questions than I did, and we managed to more or less figure out answers while discussing as three as well. God, that helped on that whole issue.

I also cross-stitched my new cross stitch during the meeting, which was delightful. God, I love just getting to do something with my hands while I stare at the meeting activities! NO WORK CAMERAS, NEVER NEVER!

Tigress was on me to do more work during the like, one hour I had free to do my own work (or so it felt like), and then of course there were computer problems with that. Sheesh. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon playing "Let Me Google That For You" and ducking hard questions. My boss called up at one point and asked if there was anything she could do and I was all, "sit around while I read hard questions?" No thanks! And I have to charge a guy $80 to rush something and he doesn't want to pay it and I"m all "really, there are no other options for this." Also, guess what, UPS might flake and bail! Just so you know!

Also, my office has scheduled a virtual birthday party for the spring birthdays (the day before mine). I don't know what the heck we are actually going to do at this with no food, but...whatever? I guess we'll see?

This week I have dealt with apartment management, got my PIN issue fixed, and today I finally got up the nerve to message my HMO about whether or not I can still get a shot. (I don’t expect fast response on that one.) I feel like I should get Grownup Points for that.

Tonight I was signed up to watch a comedy show, which turned out to be pretty halfassed, something like 2-3 dudes in Florida, one of whom was riffing and the other played the "penguin song" about...I'm not sure exactly, a bit hard to hear. Then they were done in a half hour, so...moving on. I did enjoy the signoff of " "feel free to never join one of our events again! zoom cuts us off at 40 minutes! we're all kind of bored here." I felt meh about seeing it, and I was right! But whatever! It was over fast!

Today in the first work meeting, my boss decided to try out the Zoom poll feature and asked what we would be doing this weekend. I got annoyed that none of the things I was going to do (shows, crafts) were on there, it was stuff like "be with my family" or "try out new recipes." To which I was all, yeah right, NOT THAT LAST ONE.

But: While trying to figure out what to eat for dinner, I was rummaging through the wine cabinet--which I don't do very often. Mostly what is in there besides wine is a bunch of cake and brownie mixes (that need eggs, so no good), some popcorn, a bunch of teas and honey, a few cans of tuna fish, and...a random Krusteaz corn muffin mix....thing. Let me tell you about this: it cost a dollar and expired in 2012. You're supposed to shake it, pour water into it, shake it again, pour the mix into a muffin tin and make six cornbread muffins. I decided that now, of all times, to try out doing something this stupid and shouldn't be doable was perfect. Also, shaking things sounded fun and violent. So I shook it, pour water, shook it again, used a spoon to dole it out into the muffin tins (I'm amazed I HAD muffin wrappers here because god only knows when I made cupcakes last or whatever), and cooked it. It worked. They weren't particularly flavorful, but what do you expect for a dollar and 2012? I poured a bunch of “honey flavored syrup” on them, that was fine.

I tried to teach Mom how to use Zoom while Roger was out of the house getting dinner. She was not particularly into it. Refused to turn on the video, made a five minute phone call, then dumped me to see Roger. I somehow do not think we will be having any kind of online family gatherings via Zoom on Sunday (or ever) like the rest of the world is clearly doing. *eye-roll* And here I was trying to be nice setting her up with a way to see the family. She even asked what I was doing for Easter and then was all "nothing, right?" and then nothing. No "hey, let's call," nothing. Seriously, WTF, Mom? I feel kinda offended here.

Tonight's theater: Jesus Christ Superstar.

* This starts out with modern day scenes of anarchy, war, fighting, news, etc. Then a lot of people in black hoodies running around a staircase and getting into fights. Well, this is certainly more lively than the previous time I saw Jesus Christ Superstar, I have to say. There's police and batons and shields.
* Wait, TIM MINCHIN'S IN THIS?!? So weird. I didn't know he was THAT good of a singer, though. I've just heard like, joke stuff, and Matilda. (I apologize to all Tim Minchin fans, I'm in America, I haven't seen him much.)
* No Biblical anything on this st age, y'all.
* "Don't diss my hooker girlfriend," says Jesus, after Judas points out that people can certainly use her as an excuse for something.
* I did a modern dance number to "Everything's All Right," so I always think of that when that comes on.
* So basically Judas is all "Shouldn't we be taking care of charity instead of your like, taking a nice bath?"
* I sort of feel weird judging this compared to the previous time I saw this show, which wasn't the world's best production and the sound kinda sucked, but...shouldn't Jesus Christ (Superstar) be more...I dunno, charismatic? Doing stuff? Not so much a quiet presence hanging around with a scarf and good hair? Like, he just doesn't feel equal to Judas in presence and I suspect he should be.
* Really, this is all just a bunch of sixties hippie spectacle. Even though none of it is hippie aesthetic (like the last one), it's a lot of groupies wandering round worshipping.
* I just want Jesus to be more of an equal presence in this, not a figurehead. I get the point that he's a figurehead, but can't he be an interesting one instead of just like, pretty or whatever?
* Even Jesus will hit his level and get annoyed if everyone just swarms him wanting something. Reminds me of work.
* "You can give that money to the poor if you like." Well, i guess you know how to get to Judas on that one.
* I just get the feeling that Jesus is all "so many followers, but does anyone really care?" I really like how they reprise "Everything's All Right" with a very NOT ALL RIGHT more uptempo version in which Jesus is all accusatory. SUCKS TO BE PSYCHIC, SAYS JESUS.
* "I don't care why you do it!" I hate your guts, man! "Just DO IT ALREADY!" Does anyone else like, get what is going on here or are they all just standing around singing and not paying attention?
* Mandarin? What the hell is this referring to?
* You'd manage better if you had a plan. Judas sings the song of everyone who ever got annoyed by their goddamned management.
* Jesus: Seriously, I have really shitty friends who DO NOT CARE ABOUT ME. Also, I won't bother to like, wake someone up if I want one, either.
* I concur that this whole last supper scene is about where Jesus actually gets interesting. He's like, got feelings and feels all shitty and mad n' stuff, like an actual human.
* Wait ,Herod's a.....televangelist or something....? A disco blingy Vegas one? Nice red velvet suit, sir. Very "Sympathy For The Devil."
* "Walk across my swimming pool!"
* "Text: Lord or Fraud? Cast your vote now!"
* I love Jesus's WTF face as he's trapped on stage.
* "Fraud" wins.
* Wow, that was a dramatic sunset hanging.
* Why is Judas back and jazzing it up while Jesus gets crucified? Like, NOW you're happy about it?
* Jesus's death is exhausting. And then....that's it. Show's over. Go home.
* The actor playing Jesus looks almost bashful at time to bow.

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