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Deconstruction, Day 2

2020-05-02, 7:53 p.m.

I worked on The Deconstruction most of the day, incluing untl 2 a.m. last night/this morning because I was so into the writing. Didn’t get much sleep even after popping a Benadryl as a sleeping pill.

In the morning, I did get my story from the other day about getting my shot and people didn’t have their masks on recorded. I did it twice, once with my improvised mask on and once with it off to see if I could be understood with it on. I decided well, not so much with that last one.

Then the Lawn Guys came for hours. I ended up actually trying to stealth photograph them for the monologue about the neighbors, which was ironic and mildly amusing. How are the mighty fallen, I used to run from them and now I take their stalker photos because they’re as close as I get.

I got some email from a hippie lady I read the book of once, having some kind of “free call” at 11, which for whatever reason I decided to sign up for last night despite having The Deconstruction going on. On the one hand, the Lawn Guys were around for hours and I wasn’t going to try to record during that anyway, and I can certainly keep on writing while someone talks in the background (and indeed, did). But good lord, this lady went on for like 2.5 hours. She made some interesting points and kept her sales pitching to a deliberate minimum (I’m not paying for some super expensive program here), but that was looooooooong.

Points she was making is that essentially we are the weirdo crowd that make others uncomfortable because we wake them up or light them up or something. She can’t stand people who try to paper over everything with positive thinking (me too). “Waking up is such a bitch.” You shouldn’t try to figure out how to do something, just figure out what you want and the universe should help you figure that out. Don’t look at the economy and think you can’t get what you want, you get to decide what you want.

A joke someone told in chat: “Joke I read somewhere goes something like this. If President Trump, Putin, and (some other leader) get stranded on a desert island, who survives?... We do!”

After that, I watched The Deconstruction’s second livestream show, which had interviews with various people and one girl who is making her own toilet paper (she’s a chemical engineering major). I liked this quote from Dana the hostess: “There are no experts in this situation, so you'll have to improvise.” True dat. One guy said he is going to make an entire T-shirt quilt, sewing it by hand, within 48 hours. And this interview was presumably sometime Saturday afternoon and he hadn’t started yet. I was all, how the heck is he going to do this?! Because I have DONE that and it took longer than 48 hours.

After that I watched the Parks and Recreation special and LOVED it.
* April: “Andy and I put all our stuff into garbage bags and every day I wear the first five things I pull out.”
* Tammy 2, ‘nuff said.
* 5000 Candles In The Wind, ‘nuff said.

Okay, all of this show watching makes it sound like I didn’t do any actual recording for the one woman show, but I did. I did spend most of the day writing scripts, though, and did some recordings. I felt very bad that I did a recording on the future state of theater and THEN watched the “Maximum Occupancy” show at The Sofia, because I signed up for that at some point, forgot what it was, and it turned out to be an improv show. I would have mentioned it in my monologue had I waited a few hours to record that one, darn it. They did long form storytelling improv--not a Harold, obviously--but did this whole thing about a PTA meeting after a guy served up poop cupcakes at the bake sale and it was delightful.

There was a brief moment between the librarian and the football coach, as he turned down her advances.

"I told you my favorite book, I told you my second favorite book..."
"What if I told you you never had to pay an overdue library fee again?"

After we find out that Jim the poop poisoner was secretly someone’s lover: “That’s hot.”

It was announced earlier in the show that Jim had killed himself after that.

In the chat, someone asked, “Where is Jim physically now?
I suggested “six feet under, joined the choir invisible, unless he faked his own death?” Immediately that was said in the show and I was delighted.

Conversation between Jim and the librarian:
"There's a government agenda here."
"In your poop?"
"You should have had one of my cupcakes."
"I'm glad I didn't."

At the end it was dubbed, "the longest show about poop" and "Best PTA meeting ever" in the audience. They finished with a dance party to “9 to 5” and then had random chat afterwards, which was kind of weird since it was like “suddenly we want to see you!” and I’m all uh........

After that I watched the second Deconstruction video, and they said they had close to 60 teams Damn. It feels smaller, somehow, maybe it’s just the same small groups chatting? I dunno.

Anyway, I did two Power Points and then did two monologues to them: one about the neighbors and another showing off my craft projects while discussing the nature of being “okay” or not.

Just for kicks, I am wearing different outfits per monologue, some of which are straight up costumes for no reason. Like I wore the Dickens Fair bonnet outfit to talk about the hot water incident, because why not. I also did some monologues on good things about quarantine (in the Renfaire outfit), the state of theater in the future (in my Tempest costume for tomorrow--Rapunzel wig and sarong) and my quarantine advice, in a rainbow wig. I got almost all of them done and was up till around 12:45 writing the last of them, about my obsession with Pick A Card. Only one more to go tomorrow...

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