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You Never Succeed, You Just Fail Less

2020-07-23, 9:32 p.m.


New coworker started today. We only saw her in the morning meeting, during which we were told to introduce ourselves with what we collect (yarn, I guess. Also I had no idea so many of my coworkers collect shot glasses, and then there's Penguin Girl and her shoe collection) and what skill we wish we could instantly get (the ability to do math). I can't say I got much impression of her personality in that. Very neutral. But other than the morning meeting we had no contact and probably won't for a few days due to setting up the computer, orientation, computer training, blah de blah. Otherwise work did not fry me today, so yay.

Also, there's this from my boss, who said that her husband told her that on the advice of the sick child, he gave their kid double medication and "do I have to call Poison Control?" "WHY ARE YOU LISTENING TO A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD????" That's how I started the day, good lord."

I had lunch with Shanna today, as she asked me how to upload (work) videos on to YouTube. That's about all we did, but it was good to see her since she was swamped last week. I looked at her online resume today and the girl is busy.

I finally get to attend Comic-Con this year! Online conferencing FTW. Much cheaper, can do it from home, and I hear the thing is normally so crowded you can't see anything but other bodies anyway. Today's watching: Conspiracy Theories and Propaganda Throughout Pop Culture, GeekEd: Watchmen and the Cruelty of Masks, GeekED: Re-storied: Re-imagining Creative Privilege. Related quote from here: "All those scheduled panels are educational and informative. I want dumb shit about which superheroes are getting costume changes or being revamped to be more like a potential movie or tv show."

It occurs to me that when it comes to optimism, I am Masha Gessen.


We had Sharing Day at work. People showed dogs and hiking, mostly. I showed crafts. It was supposed to be "inspirational outside photos," but hahahaha no. I did like one person's posting amaryllis and saying that her mother in law gave it to her and she thought she'd killed it, and then her MIL said it comes back, and the plant has come back without her doing anything. I really should get one.

Other than that, I found out I made an extremely stupid error that I should have known better about from March on. I have been Having Problems with keying stuff in The New Shitty Computer System, and one particular problem has been happening over and over and bloody over and I've reported it multiple times and blah blah blah..... Well, Lioness squealed on me again when she found it and my boss said to fix it and I said "I'm STILL having That Error, can we please get on Zoom to show you what it's doing?" and well....turns out it's me being fucking dumb and stupid. On like a hundred records. I hate myself so much. I am so goddamned stupid. There is no way to justify this level of stupid. And I have to fill out my evaluation. Accomplishments: literally nothing. Failures: all, everything I do is a failure.

This quote from here sums up my job as well: "Social work is the kind of job you can never actually succeed at, only fail less."

Other than that: just watching Comic-Con videos. That is all I am going to do until Monday. That and fail at work.

This is so gross and makes me hate the neighbor even more.

I got the recording from "This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing" (the one I missed the start of, I guess I missed around 12 minutes of it). The girls are triplets, their mother dies, their dad remarries and the marriage goes bad/turns into kind of a wicked stepmother situation (it's kind of skimmed over), and then one night Dad takes them out into the forest and more or less tells them to leave home. Well, now I know how it started.

Today's Comic-Con:
* The Science of Star Trek: Three Generations of Advice, which had good talk on the subject from science advisors from various Trek shows.

* Virtual Fandom: Superhero Fandom Adapts to the Pandemic, where I totally got a platonic crush on Sara. I have one of those wigs too! Where the heck does she seem familiar from? I looked at her resume and I hadn't heard of any of it. She is so cute, though! I keep thinking she should have been on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I have no explanation for this.

* Batgirls! which was kind of weird every time they discussed Kate Kane because I kept thinking "and yet all of the character development and her family background and Bruce Wayne are now going to be wasted because on a show where they literally change out people's faces, they decided to make up a new replacement character instead." I haaaaaaaate that they are doing that.

* Hollyweird Science: Creativity, Correctness, and Collaboration, which I listened to while working and can't really remember a thing about it.

* Shaenon Garrity in Conversation with Andrew Farago: I love Shaenon and Narbonic, even if I could never get into her "Skin Horse" comic for some reason--I think I never got the hang of it as to where it was going. But she said her co-writer mostly writes it, so I guess that might be why. I feel bad about not loving Skin Horse, but Narbonic was pretty amazeballs, especially when you found out where it was going. I also liked when Andrew finally checks the time. "You're a terrible moderator! You go to moderator jail!"

* Star Trek Universe Virtual Panel: Features a live reading (with illustrations/animations) of an episode I never saw before, so what the heck. They interviewed the cast afterwards, then switched to talking about "Lower Decks." They spoiler bleeped the hell out of Eugene Cordero, grrrrr! Then they had a panel with the Picard cast. Most notable thing about that: Patrick Stewart likes the nickname "P. Stew."

I'm still not even done with Thursday yet.

I also watched "The Sloth Storytelling Show" (was reminded it's on again). I dunno if I should keep watching this? These folks are frequently really wander-y n the topic and not really focused on whatever the story is, to the point where I lose track of what the story is. "Thank you for paying attention while I was trying to be interesting," a lady in leopard-print with a leopard print background said, and that was the best of the lot, and even she kinda departed at points. Maybe just skip this one in the future? I like the idea but have not really been into the performances.

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