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Ain't Got Much Spark

2020-07-25, 9:49 p.m.

Well, here's a do-nothing day. I slept in till noon again, which was absolutely lovely. I actually bothered to get up and shower and then eventually got up and checked my email to find out that the hangout I was going to do today got canceled. I feel like I wasted a shower for nothing. I am so low energy and blah today I don't feel like doing much. My plan was to spend the day watching Comic-Con videos (still not done with Thursday) but whatever. I feel all disappointed. Like around 2-ish I went back to bed for three more hours, because why bother. I could have done several more activities, including a 'Christmas in July" party, but again, just not really caring so much today.

I found out that a book I wanted to read sucks rancid donkey balls. I'm glad I never got around to pre-ordering it (I didn't think it was out yet) but the first one was so good and I'm so sad the second one sucks so bad.

People in my county, like everywhere else, are idiots who continue to insist on seeing their families and catching the virus and have to be told to do this.

I did sign up ahead of time to watch the Acme Theatre play "The K of D," ("Kiss of Death"), which is about a bunch of small town teenagers in a "pack" rumor milling all over the place. The facts are that Johnny Whistler hit a boy with his car and killed him, and that boy's twin, Charlotte McGraw, kissed her dying brother goodbye in the street and stops talking after that. The rumor mill says that Charlotte somehow got the ability to kiss people and kill them, but whether or not this actually happens is never actually proven because....y'know, urban legends and rumor mills. What we do know is that after Johnny's dad dies, he moves into a neighboring house and goes to war with the McGraw family (the "Pack" kids join in too later) and seems to be winning at Douchebag Olympics. Example: Mr. McGraw calls the law on Johnny not following the leash law, so Johnny ties one of his dogs to a tree and starves and neglects it... until presumably Charlotte does her thing....? And Mr. McGraw is implied to be encouraging Charlotte to use her gift. Eventually, Johnny dies... somehow.... and what went on? Who the hell knows, but we're told Charlotte blows her dad an air kiss and he leaves her alone after that. So, vague. Interesting but vague.

According to the Internet, this is normally a 1-woman show, but they did it with 11 kids here.

Lines from the show:
"An urban legend never happened to the person telling it."
"It's got enough details to be convincing."
"Just because a person is dead, you guys, don't mean that he's not coming back." "What's done is done, old man." -Johnny's entire statement on murdering a kid.
"He ain't getting away with this, Charlotte. We're gonna do something about it." -Mr. McGraw.
On a cat dying, which presumably Charlotte did to test her powers: "Well, it looks like Sparky ain't got much spark."
"You gotta test an ability like that, don't you?"
"As my daddy used to say, there ain't nothing wrong with having something in your mouth." BWAHAHAHAAHAH
"Special is as special does, Charlotte. You should be proud of what you can do."

The one Comic-Con video I did today: The Psychology of Star Trek vs. Star Wars. For whatever reason, they switched "Team Wars" and "Team Trek." I was also amused by this.

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