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Georgiana and Kitty

2023-12-01, 5:57 p.m.

Dear all: I haven't updated this journal since god knows when and I am really behind on posting updates and I have had a year that I...I don't even know how to get into it all right now. I really don't. The extremely short version: not doing any plays this month, not doing anything particularly fun after this weekend, and oh, I'm going to get fired in January unless I prove I have a disability to work, which will pause the firing for a bit. This is not in any way, shape or form an exaggeration. Firing process is in process, GiantOrg works slowly and won't pull the trigger until January. Hence why there will be a lot of medical appointment talk here, because getting diagnosed with anything is A Problem.

I'm also behind on Holidailies because my account got buggered for a few days and Richard had to fix it. I'm just going to try to post something now. This is a recap of November 30, because I saw a cool show that I recommend to all to try out.

November 30: Went to bed at I forget when. Woke up at 3:30 having to pee. Knew darned well I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep if I did that, which was correct. Sigh. I watched "A Christmas Mural" on the Hallmark Channel on Philo, which frankly I can't come up with much to say about other than I did enjoy the lead actors in it even if it's on the slow/dull/learning to love again side of Hallmark.

I forgot to mention that I checked on my car loan and they aren't requiring another payment until January? Very nice of them, albeit inexplicable. On a related note, PayPal says they refunded me my $95, but it's still listed on PayPal so I'm a bit confused. It's back in my bank account, though. Yay. Then I got a letter from the bank saying I only get the money TEMPORARILY. Sigh. I went to the office and FAXED them all the documents, then was going to put them all into snail mail (along with a letter to Cameron), only to find out that GiantOrg has somehow shut down all mailboxes on the campus. The fuck? I have to go home to mail shit?! Come ooooooon, first they get rid of my ATM and now this. Why do I have to come here again?

As for work, it was quiet, thank god. I got an order done in the morning and that was my main work activity. I spent the rest of the morning printing out knitting patterns, job listings, state job test information... and then looking at "accommodations" on askjan and I still don't really have much on that topic. :/

In the afternoon, I did my pre-doctor's-appointment evaluation with an LMFT (note: same sort of therapist as I have currently, in which I talked about My Issues. Notable moments: she asked what my therapist diagnosed me with and I said she refuses to diagnose anything because she's not a psychiatrist, and this one was shocked at that and said she'd diagnose me with MDD and anxiety. Not a shock at this point. What was a shock was that I said so much stuff for 35 minutes and then sent me the notes afterwards and she barely said anything at all, BUT she wrote down several times that I said I was living for my pets. I don't have pets? I literally said, "I don't have pets" because I'm not home much. She also wrote down that I'm on medications I am no longer on (including the pills I took for dental surgery once) and missed the birth control I am on. What the heck, y'all. Though I told Dawn this afterwards and she was all, "I could pet sit during the day," so hey, maybe we'll share a pet.

Tonight I went to see "Georgiana and Kitty: Christmas at Pemberley." My favorite famous playwright, Lauren Gunderson, along with Margot Melcon, well, they wrote a TRILOGY of post-Pride and Prejudice plays, mostly taking place around the same Christmas in 1815. The first one, "Miss Bennet," Mary engaged to another nerd and it's adorable. The second one, "The Wickhams," sets up Lydia to get a divorce. This is the third one, finally fixing up the last of the girls. It was ADORABLE. I note that they got the previous Jane, Lizzy, Lydia and Mary from the last two plays, even! Darcy was new (I knew the guy who played it last, but he's since graduated from grad school so I guess he's gone), but he was great. Babyfaced, cute/hot, yet gave that Darcy "I care, but also I'm cold" 'tude well. And I was shocked to read the program at intermission and realize I'm slightly acquainted with one of the new actors in the show, as he's a Winters person. He got a shave and a haircut and I did not recognize him.

In this play, Georgiana and Kitty are best friends now and Georgiana has invited her romantic pen pal Henry and his friend to Boxing Day. Friend Thomas and Georgiana hit it off right off, but Georgiana and Henry are both awkward shy nerds. Also, Henry has a secret--he just found out his family's lost their money, he's going to have to drop out of college and get a job, and his family wants him to marry some other girl. Lydia finds the letter Henry got about this, shows it to Darcy (grrr, Lydia!), Darcy throws a shit fit and throws Henry out of the house.

Six years later/Act 2, Georgiana is composing music under a guy's name and starting a women's music society with Georgiana (who has taken very well to the business end of it). Georgiana has married Thomas, and they all find out that Henry's done well for himself in work and now co-owns a publishing press, and isn't married, and still loves Georgiana. It's all very AWWWWWWW and sweet and funny and endearing, I highly recommend, if you're in this area or any other area where they do this play, GO SEE IT.

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