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Finally, A Tree Lighting Ceremony

2023-12-02, 6:12 p.m.

Recap for Friday, December 1.

Well, I went four days without a fuckup at work, and now I added another one to my record. I'd say "minor typo," but I'm sure NewBoss added it to the Jennifer Firing List the second we got off Zoom. I read the procedures and it looked like I was supposed to put a date in the comments. Apparently not. Otherwise that meeting went great, BUT...I FUCKED UP AGAIN AND ANYTHING I SAY CAN AND WILL BE USED AGAINST ME IN THE COURT OF FIRING.

(Again, this is not a joke or any kind of exaggeration. Literally they wrote up my making mistakes and forgetting things as me being deliberately disobedient and failing at my job.)

Other than that, it would have been a fine, quiet day. I was way out of work to do in the office and I suspect so was everyone else. I finished the vest I've been making. I went back onto my noontime yarn chat and someone who I haven't seen in months was on I had to explain to her the whole work situation. Bleah. Sorry, I'm gone in another month or so!

Also, not only can I not log into Holidailies--I never can every time it's rebooted--I can't change the password, either. Have emailed Richard to fix it.

Another problem: apparently the tree lighting ceremony in Woodland is going on right before the show...I was all fine, guess I'll leave early, but I forgot I have a singing lesson right after work and CAN'T.

Later: well, the singing lesson was cut short because yes, I still have a bit of the laryngitis and am missing some notes. Morgan had me do a new vocal warmup I really hated--I dislike the guy's accent because he's a bit hard to understand, and he barely says what you're supposed to do and then had very complicated shit you were supposed to do, and I wasn't figuring it out worth a damn and she kept making me start it over, plus my voice was kinda crap. She said there wasn't much we could do while I'm apparently still healing, so it ended early. I did one rendition of "Fifty Percent" and tried a bit of "Far From The Home I Love" with a singing straw and that was about it.

BUT that worked out to get there before all of the parking in Woodland was gone, at least. I had to wait behind the world's longest train and I couldn't turn left for shit because so many cars were in that lane, but I managed to find parking at the library. Whew. I can say that Now I Have Attended A Tree Lighting Ceremony, which consisted of a band, Santa, free cookies, and a LOT of fake snow, which I rather enjoyed but didn't go run around in since that was wet. They turned on the lights and um...there you go. About what I figured, eh?

As for the show: I sat with Other Jennifer (G) and her husband Scott....yes, that's some deja vu I had going there, also we were sitting in a spot where I sat with Scott before at Hunchback. Sigh. Anyway...this show has a LOT LOT LOT of people (I will roll my eyes at Woodland having only 8 ensemble members because this show had a fuckton of people), like, damn, a lot of people.

People I knew in it: Andee from B&tB playing the principal--did an absolutely lovely job. Katrina, Eddie, Sherilyn, Christopher from Cabaret and Scott were parents/teachers/ensemble. (Rachel was tech, never saw her after the show though. Peter from Avenue Q was also in it, making a great gay dad. I waved at him, but he recognized me not.) I note that Scott played That Dad In The Suit Who's Always Yelling On His Cellphone, one of the teachers in a sweater vest again, and.... Snake, the replacement for Dewey in his old band, No Vacancy. Eddie was also the lead singer (in a hilarious mop wig) in that bad. Scott was almost unrecognizable in the long haired wig and ah...I'm not sure what one would describe those pants as, but apparently the cast found them funny.

I will note that one guy, who played Ned and is in a buttondown/slacks outfit the entire show, came out in something appropriate to Rocky Horror at the end. I really, really wanted to find him and ask how long it took for him to get into the skintight pants, but alas, I never saw that guy after the show. Other Jennifer and Other Scott hung around to talk to people for a bit, but volunteered to take me to my car, so I didn't hang around forever.

The show was very good, super crowded, I note. I found Dewey really dumb and irritating in the first half of the first act, but the more he gets into teaching, the more endearing it all is. Everyone looked to be having fun, albeit the ensemble doesn't do a whole lot (Eddie said after he got in a lot of napping, and also was imitating a dumb teacher he had in 8th grade) since it's mostly kids and Dewey. Andee's scene in the bar was particularly good.

I note that Jennifer's husband Scott didn't remember me ("you were in Oklahoma?") so they probably don't remember That Incident at all. He sure remembered Scott, though (sigh). Anyway, eventually Scott came out, said hi, hugged everyone, asked how I was doing and I made a mumble noise again. He said after Fiddler he's taking a break, then auditioning for Damn Yankees here. Next time I see him in Fiddler will probably be the last time I see him.

I still feel weird, everyone else feels normal, I don't know what to do about it.

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