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Okay, Fine, I'll Turn On The Camera Now

2020-12-18, 8:00 p.m.


That said, it was actually a good day at work and I "left" pretty cheerful, all things considered. I have TURNED OFF my work computer entirely and even draped a sheet over it so I will ignore it for two weeks (well, unless someone has an emergency). La la la!

The first morning meeting was a goodbye meeting for one of the younger employees. I never got to know him very well because he worked in scheduling, but he always seemed very nice. He did confirm that he did come down with Covid back in the day when the office was shut down (so there's my first verified person I know IRL who's had it), but seemed fine on Zoom, so fingers crossed there.

Penguin Girl was saying she wants to go to Disneyland after she gets the vaccine. Teresa was all, I hate to squash dreams because I think everyone should have them, but...
Randall: "Teresa is a dream squisher."
Teresa: "We all have to go with our strengths." Penguin Girl then proceeded to say she'd be willing to be a custodian in a hospital so she could get the vaccine. "If her dream is to be a custodian in a hospital so she can get the vaccine...I have to squash that. I have seen what happens in hospital bathrooms."

On the good news side, my old buddy Hannah, who got transferred to scheduling last year and has pretty much disappeared virtually since we all went home, much to my sad, finally got permanently hired in it and it was announced today. HUZZAH! I messaged her my congratulations and she said she wants to get together on Zoom/email/something sometime during break. We'll see if it happens, of course, it's 2020 and I shouldn't get my hopes up on anybody, but I'm so happy she resurfaced, at least! So, fingers crossed. Though I did hear from Eva today about getting together virtually during break, so yay there as well.

There was also some discussion of what to tell kids about Santa. I asked if anyone was having any "Santa superspreader" conversations with their kids and, no. "They don't think that deeply," my boss said, they just want gifts.
Penguin Girl: "I was that kid who asked a lot of questions--"
Randall: "NO KIDDING."
This led to a discussion of what do you tell your kids if you live somewhere with no chimney, and I said that when my parents put something or other into the fireplace that obviously blocked it off, they said, "He uses the front door." Penguin Girl's parents told her if she asked, she wouldn't get anything.

In our second meeting of the day (just my team), we found out that Hope's tree fell down and Dianna apparently had something sent to my boss's mother's house (she is wanting to go there for Christmas...sigh....see below). To which my boss was all, how did you get stuff to go to my MOM's house?! and I was all, "if I ever have to hire a private detective, I'm calling you." She admitted that she thought it was weird to ask for addresses, so she "got a little elf" to send things. I'm guessing that elf was Teresa since I guess my boss said to send her office gift to her mom's. (Also, my office gift is delayed in shipping...well, that figures.)

My boss did a stint as the interim manager of scheduling for awhile, and it was not her thing ("are you trying to kill me?"). "There's a lot of complaining in scheduling. And the sense of entitlement? It was annoying." And apparently you have to schedule around people's GLUE ALLERGY, because apparently that is a thing that prevents room use.....??? I said I used to want to work in scheduling back in the day, but I am super fine with not doing it now!

Later on I had a one on one with my boss to work on another thing and after that, we shot the shit for awhile, though I am kinda concerned that she said her husband felt "under the weather" and she was getting him ginger ale. She had said earlier that if anyone "pops hot" (i.e. tests positive) then they will not be going.... I am trying not to wig out every time someone says something or other along these lines. Though in my third meeting of the day I ended up telling Lioness that given the shit I went through with my dad (handicapped, on a ventilator) I'm kinda sensitive on the whole topic. She said her nephew just came down with it, though his mom, a nurse, hasn't so far.

Anyway, back to the boss conversation on other stuff: she said she hasn't seen my face in nine months--to be fair, that is a legitimate concern--and maybe I might want to reconsider the camera thing in 2021. Okay, okay.... so I admitted that I was crying a lot for the first four months, during Zoom meetings, was a wreck, didn't want to cry on Zoom or make it a big thing around the office, but I think I've dried up enough now so this is hopefully no longer an issue any more.

We got off the Zoom, then I plugged the camera in and opened a solo Zoom meeting to test the thing. She then messaged me that we could have a test meeting before the first staff meeting in January to see if it works and I said uh... I'm already doing it... I sent her the invite, she hopped in, we realized the mic wasn't working and called Penguin Girl in to figure out the mic issue. Penguin Girl was very happy to see the Baby Yoda sweater and asked if I'd seen The Mandalorian yet and I said no, haven't had time, gonna watch after work, did she get up at 3 a.m. to watch it? She said she watched it during lunch so she could stop worrying about spoilers and it was great. I explained that yeah, I was a crying basket case for months and she said she's been a basket case all pandemic too. Awww. I said I'd do virtual hugs, but....Boss had me try out a fun background to see if that worked too. She has one up with a decorated pineapple on a beach and I put up a sand snowman. (Earlier she asked for some idea for a theme for January and I said something like a tropical January, telling her my "Blue Monday" cheesy island drinking party idea I always want to do and never do every MLK Jr. day.)

After we finished with that, my boss sent me a Starbucks gift card for the after times, and I said in work group chat (though this was after Dianna left for the day, so she'll be surprised later) that yeah, I'll do camera later. My boss posted happy minion emojis to that and said "I AM SO EXCITED!!!!" I posted a blush emoji. Hope was all, "did you mean to say that stuff" about being a basket case on the chat with our boss, and I was all yeah, just told her, so what the heck.... Anyway, she's happy I'm doing better.

Me too!

In other news, I finished making the dragon, I want to make my own to keep, and I have managed to successfully use this Baby Yoda 3-D thing to take photos of Baby Yoda posing around the house. I have discovered that you need REALLY GOOD LIGHTING to do that because taking screenshots of him in darker rooms makes him look kind of sick and/or creepy. Mom is also sending me something to wear to online parties on Monday.... too bad the online parties I have scheduled so far are before then, but hey, you never know what else I'll find to do!

And now, discussion of the season finale of The Mandalorian!
Spoiler space
I texted Penguin Girl at The Big Reveal and said "I can't believe they actually went there!!!" She said "THEY DID! I was so happy!"
Followed with "But what will become of my "bounty hunter and the baby" show now?????"
"I know," she said, with the crying emoji. "Well, there's so many Star Wars spinoffs happening, I'm sure they'll pop up again somewhere."

I didn't think they'd go straight up Luke Skywalker since Mark Hamill is like 70 or whatever, but man, did they do a beautiful job with the de-aging technology. Better than when they did it on Carrie Fisher and Grand Moff Tarkin back in the day. I was all "holy SHIT, is that REAL?" (Well, y'know.)

So, did anyone wonder what was going on at Formerly Jabba's Palace lately? Can't say it ever occurred to me, but here we are. Glad that girl got freed. And whatshisface got shot by Boba. Bwahahahah. He took over that joint in like, five minutes. The Book of Boba Fett, next Christmas.

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