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2024-01-01, 12:02 p.m.

The rest of NYE night: Before going out, I tested the whole grapes thing and trying to consume them as soon as possible. Even cutting the damn things up, they take like 20 seconds per giant grape to chew and swallow, I couldn't fit more than two into my mouth at once, and even though I did bring the baggie of slightly smaller grapes, I didn't actually make the attempt. Too busy at the countdown, of course. I note the event also had grapes...giant ones, still. I guess we'll just have to rely on the red underwear.

On a related note, Robert had a polka-dot bow tie on and I said I'd read somewhere that in the Philippines it's supposed to be good luck to wear polka dots. He hadn't heard of that one (I note he's Filipino), but I told him the underwear thing and he coincidentally also had on red boxers!

Cameron gave me pastel rainbow yarn for Christmas, yay.

Fancy dress party, yay. A lot of people wearing black, with silver sparkle jewelry. People loved my outfit (same as last year, but when else does that dress get to go out?) and several of us were all, "I got this at a thrift store!" Specifically me, Cameron, and Jennifer G, who surprise came with her husband and some other couple. She told me they'd gone thrift store shopping TODAY and gotten her dress TODAY, which looked lovely. She said she needs to cover more Winters shows, which, agreed. She isn't going to do Fiddler because she's going out of town for a week in February and feels bad about missing rehearsal (I note I said they'll let you miss a week, but eh...), but said tons of people are going to go out for it. We both griped a bit about never being considered for lead roles.

I did hear her husband say they met in the dorms when he was on the phone telling his mom he liked this girl, then Jennifer stopped by and asked him out. "I said no...I was shy...she dragged me out. And that's pretty much our relationship." Lol. I'm glad that worked out for someone.

As for the show, it was great. They sold around 40 tickets ahead of time and there did appear to be some walk-ins after that, probably a great amount for the venue. They had a HUGE charcuterie setup of dips, crackers, salami made into roses, meats, etc. and fancy chocolates. (Good luck hauling all of that home. Too bad nobody had boxes or I would have taken some.) The show was a cabaret for about 1.5 hours and then dancing afterwards, 1940's theme. Performers were Robert and Cameron, Alexis, Cody, and Elizabeth and her dad (also Robert, we'll say Robert W), apparently he's the one who set the whole thing up. I note that Elizabeth's not only graduated from college, she's a middle school English teacher in Arizona and was visiting for Christmas. Man, when I met her she was just about to go to college. Alexis too. I will note that Robert W did a few songs and man, I didn't know he was such a good singer! This sounds terrible to say since I was in a musical with him (Robin Hood online), but he was playing very gruff characters--Friar Tuck and the king--and he sounded very rough in that. Much smoother tonight. Jennifer G and I were amused that Alexis did "Many A New Day" from Oklahoma--she walked in during that song and we were all, "we can do backup!" Cody did two numbers and threw in some dancing with a cane, which was adorable. I note that Cameron went after him at one point and she actually kinda bopped along to the music and then was all, "I'm not as good as Cody," lol.

Despite Robert's "it's gonna be a show" concerns, it all went great and smoothly, and yes, he and Cameron can both sing even though both of them talk like they can't. Heck, they even danced together on the dance floor and Cameron usually makes a lot of two left feet jokes. There was actually some slight consideration out of Cameron about auditioning for musicals, though she said she can't read music and doesn't understand the whole "key" thing (neither do I). I said if you can imitate a piano, that's all you need to know.

(Sometimes it is slightly annoying when someone who has more talent in her little finger than I do in my entire body--I mean, I've taken a year of singing lessons and I'll still never be as good as the ladies tonight since I don't have that natural talent or looks--thinks she's not so good, but also I get that ladies don't brag, and if Cameron was that sort of person who was high on herself, we would not be friends.)

Did hear something out of Linda about one of the plays next year, "Catsplay," a show one absolutely cannot find via Google with that title. Andrew's going to direct that one--I note his dad was at this event so it came up, I told him everyone was raving about him in Georgiana and Kitty--and it apparently has a lot of older women in and beyond that...Linda was unable to describe the plot. This doesn't bode terribly well for my wanting to be in it :P Ah well.

Castmates seen: Gail and her husband, Tom and Ann. And LAUREL showed up! In a tight gold strapless dress. She has moved to Texas--San Antonio specifically--and she was with a new(?) dude. Last I heard she was engaged to someone named Aaron who I never met, I'm guessing she's...not since this dude was named Jason and I didn't see no ring bling. He seemed nice, albeit fairly quiet. Sounds like she likes it there, anyway. (Didn't have the freaked out look in her eyes like I saw last time.) I sat at a table with them and a couple that Cameron knew growing up, who were nice as well.

When people asked how I was doing, I told them. Honestly. In a fair amount of ugly detail, especially when people asked about my work because I can't just say, "I work at GiantOrg" when I no longer will. Because man, I am just unable to hide my shit any more. People were very nice to me about it, which was great.

At some point Robert and Gail and I were having conversations about songs and musicals--I think I was mentioning "Fifty Percent."--and then we went into discussing "Dogfight," a show I dislike for the plot. I said something like, "I don't like the plot because it's a contest about inviting ugly girls like me," and Gail said I was too self-deprecating. Honestly, I don't know, when the last guy I asked out acted like I had cooties...

I will note that Scott kept being brought up during the evening--"he's so good in that part in Fiddler!" "his career is really taking off!," etc. and then Laurel and Cameron were all, "he said he might come tonight!" I restrained myself VERY HARD from saying BULLSHIT out loud, and also at this point the show part was over, who's showing up that late and paying $50 (for what, a show he missed and food he can't eat)? He did not show, obviously, which I was relieved about it. I note at one point I was in conversation with Cameron, Laurel, and Jennifer G and they were all saying that theater is a small world...I started regretting blowing things up there, again.

At the end, everyone was on the dance floor except me, for obvious reasons, but then Cody invited me to threesome dance with him and Cameron, and that was adorable. Cody is so sweet. A good time was had by all, and that really helped to get me through starting the next worst year of my life.

January 1, 2024, one of the days I dread in 2024...yeah, that's all of them. Well, January 1 I dread less, obviously.

Got to bed around 1:45 a.m., since I knew I'd be getting up early to watch the Rose Parade, I didn't bother trying to take a sleeping pill. I got two hours sleep, then woke up to go to the bathroom circa 4:15 a.m.*, started checking my phone once I couldn't lose consciousness again, and then found out there's whopping earthquakes and a tsunami evacuation going on in Japan. Then I remembered, "oh crap, Jessica" (Beatrice from when I was in Much Ado this summer) "is in Japan RIGHT NOW." I messaged her, she's fine, she's in Kyoto and inland and felt it, but isn't on the coast to have that going on. Whew.

* Note: I keep thinking, "I need to stop drinking so much before going to bed so I don't wake up to pee," but I hardly had any drinks last night and I still had to pee like a racehorse at 4 a.m. Per all those blood tests, I haven't gone diabetic yet, so... ????

So the hell that is the 2020's continues: can't start out the year without some natural disaster going on and me panicking in the middle of the night about something.... Anyway, went back to sleep circa 5:15, dreamed about Jessica, then was woken up by my alarm to watch the Rose Parade. I feel rummy AF. But hey, the parade is beautiful! And has great singing this year! The flower power rainbow hippie bus was obviously my favorite.

I also submitted to LitFest 2--Dawn and Loretta suggested I submit the dead bird story, which is short. I don't think I'm likely to get in two times in a row unless there's no new people, but that's fine.

Other than that, I debated whether or not to try to go back to sleep or drink the rest of my leftover charged lemonade instead, I decided to do the latter and write this entry instead. I'm going to post it before I leave for the party because who the hell knows when I'll get back, just like last year. I will be wondering if Scott shows up or not, sigh.

I did hear from (Redhead) Sarah. Re: Scott, she said, "Fuck it. You did it for the plot," which is fitting and hilarious. She also sent me a video of "24 things I would have missed if I had expired last year," which is fitting.

I need to wind this up, y'all. I'm glad I made it through another year of Holidailies, even if I didn't get to updating past entries first, darn it.
I hope y'all have great lives if you don't see me next year.

Okay, I'm home earlier than I thought. You-know-who did not show up, unclear if he was invited. I got there and found out that almost everyone at the party was one of Jean's relatives and not theater people--I spotted Andee and that was about it--so I kind of sat around for an hour knitting, eating, and watching the Rose Parade on TV again until others showed.

Eventually showing up: Stacy, Jennifer G, Steve and Jan, and Jean (actress, late). Mostly we hung around as a pack discussing theater stuff. I will note that bloody well EVERYBODY brought Scott up to me upon seeing me, mostly that he was working as an usher at Seussical last night. (Then why the fuck would you say you're going to show up in Winters if you are doing that?! I don't get the guy.) I really just wanted to say something....but didn't.

Jan said 80+ people are auditioning for Fiddler and they'd better do short bits, not start at the introduction and get to the end with the big belting notes FAST. Well, that shouldn't be a problem with mine. I'm told the new pianist is young and nice. I'm wondering why bother auditioning though...that said, I'll probably just get it over with tomorrow.

I did find out that Jonathan, the pianist from Evita who got fired, turns out to have Lewy Body dementia (yes, Robin Williams's disease, poor bastard), and ever sine he got fired he's SUPER depressed and doesn't want to play piano any more. Apparently his wife is really upset over the entire thing, talked to Jennifer G about it and Jennifer G said she'd bring it up--the wife wants some kind of honor for her husband at the 40th anniversary. Jan and Steve were fine with that. The wife also feels "excommunicated" from DMTC--we were told she wrote some letter to Jean (costumes) and got no response, Jan said she had no idea about that. I presume neither of them would want to speak to anyone at DMTC after the firing, but Steve said he ran into them once and Jonathan didn't recognize him. Jan said Jonathan had been great for years but she had no idea he was having issues until Titanic, Jennifer G said he was difficult during her first show in 2017, but since it was her first show she had no idea that was out of the ordinary. Jan only noticed he was acting weird and not totally doing the job during Titanic, and people were getting upset, but she figured after several months off, maybe it was a one time thing, give him another chance...and well, he kept yelling and having problems and thus the firing. She said he wasn't even upset at the time, just kind of stared at her and said he'd change.

Poor guy. I know they suspected he had dementia, but yikes.

Anyway, I hung around till nearly six, and now I'm home, putting off practicing, sheesh.

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