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Missing the Rose Parade

2021-01-02, 9:16 p.m.

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Cast list as of November 2019

Vacation, Day 15:
Hours of sleep: Over eight.
Exercise: I did do 90 minutes of walking, which the smart watch thinks is 60 minutes. It seems to take it 20 minutes to get the idea that I am exercising...sigh. I wonder if it works like that if I was walking around outside. I wonder if I'll ever get to find out.

Patchwork sweater: Finished this morning! I'm not happy that the sleeves are too short once I stretch my arms out (wah), but otherwise, it's good. Very large and warm. The sleeves are definitely bugging me, though, but I don't have enough yarn to rip out and add things in the way I might normally, so....I dunno.... I'm trying to think of a fix that doesn't really mess up what I've already got going here.
Butterfly sweater: I'm sewing on the appliques now.

Other Activities:
Today was the Metafilter Gala, in which they streamed live chat, showed off pics of cats and projects, told some random stories and jokes, etc. for hours. It was very entertaining.

I also ordered $100+ worth of boring shit like cleaning supplies from Target. Wheeeee. Adulthood is such a joy. Though I did discover while looking for a back massager that Target does offer ladies' vibrators for sale. (I presume online only.) The More You Know....

I am also reading Axiom's End.

This is what I am doing with my one "wild and precious life," y'all.

Today's Viewing:

A Godwink Christmas: Meant for Love:
Well, I've seen the first and the third one, why not the second. Kathie Lee Gifford is in this, looking rather....lollipop-head.
Jack and Alice meet. He appears to have gone to the wrong office Christmas party. They find out they are going to the same wedding and she needs a ride. He stays across the street from her apartment when he's in town, stuff like that. Her family is a bit...forceful... (calm DOWN, Kathie Lee)... and of course her mom mentions that a lot of coincidences and run-ins is a godwink.
However, Alice is obviously about to get diagnosed with something bad :(, in this case multiple sclerosis. She immediately breaks up with Jack without telling him why. There's also a subplot about getting her out of the family business she feels obligated to stay in, but under the circumstances, I just can't care about that.
I know the Godwinks are based off (older) couples that happened IRL and then Hallmark just lazily updates them for the 2020's, but it's very odd hearing her dad talk about basically being fresh off the immigrant boat and I'm this century?
I know a lot of people have shit about the signs from Love Actually, but the guy does them from across the street ("I know about your MS. I'm here for you") and I love it.
I'll say this: I like the main actors--they're charismatic and fun--but the plot of this is kind of making me zone out a bit. Or maybe that's just my mood today.

The Rose Parade's New Year's Celebration:
So I said yesterday that the Rose Parade was canceled (wah, but obvious), but apparently Hallmark had two hours of television dedicated to it anyway and it came up today. It's a bunch of performances
I'm kind of horrified that ENTIRE MARCHING BAND is out there, performing like everything's normal (sigh).
I did enjoy the "how we build a float" section, since I FREAKING LOVE THAT and if I ever have the opportunity, someday I want in on a parade float. I just WISH I could do Rose Parade, but it's unlikely that I'll ever live in SoCal to do that.
I'm horrified at how SHORT of a time the judges get---5 minutes one day, 3 minutes a second day, scoring in 30+ categories and handing out dozens of awards. WTF? Who designed THAT system?
It takes 10 hours to decorate a vehicle, in the week before the parade.
I am happy to report later that a (African American) band features later had their masks on whenever possible and do appear to be spaced out on their very large field. I will also note that their ah, accompanying dancers appear to be dancing with clouds over their heads? Anyway those folks are sensible. (Also, billed the "Human Jukebox Marching Band.") Later, Kermit the Frog conducted everyone from another band, all staying at home to perform. Good job, folks.
I find it interesting how they make pictures of people--they take an outline and then put the natural materials on top to fill them in.
"Florigraph sculpture," they call it.
Oh my god, I started squeeing when they started talking about the "Rosebud Parade" in which kids made floats at home. AIEEEE. There were 200+ floats! SO CUTE and it was international, even.
They are planning for the next parade in 2022. Fingers crossed on that one.
I got all excited to hear they were having Lady A. "Oh, they got, they got that shitty name-stealing band, Lady Asshole." I will say no more. I probably would have fast-forwarded, but this service doesn't let me.

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