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2021-01-04, 7:07 p.m.

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Work is work. Stuff came up that was long and tedious and emergency, but not too excruciating. I spent time getting mad at the same old shit again by 10 a.m. that I am always sick of and that never ends. I had 100+ emails and didn't get through most of them due to the long and tedious. There were tech fails. I was on camera most of the day. That was weird. Either I'm too close while working on the computer or too far off while leaning back in my short backed chair. I wore my bathrobe most of the day because I need it in here. They're just gonna have to deal with that.

I don't really have much else to say about that. Same old shit remains after having taken a nice break from it for 2 weeks. Everyone else seemed to feel similarly.

I walked around the apartment, I finished redoing the sleeves on the patchwork sweater. I finished writing up the butterfly sweater. Now I am done with my vacation life goals, I guess. I feel like my arms are a little abused after all of this chunky yarn knitting...or maybe it was sewing all of it together, because my fingers blistered like heck (my right thumb is quite a mess) after a day or two of sewing things together. It's ridiculous how I never end up with callsues on my fingers (years of stringed instrument playing, nothing), but there you go.

Tonight's Hallmark: they are about out of Christmas and now everything is Winter Movies!

Love on Ice: Ice skating movie!
Emily is a former figure skater who quit after her mom got sick. She's a waitress who still skates at a nearby rink. The rink's star student is a girl named .... Nikki, who has a Stage Mom who annoys everyone. Nikki's new coach, Spencer, originally recruits Emily to help deal with Stage Mom, but later convinces her to try to go back to competing again. Stage Mom DOES NOT LIKE SHARING and immediately makes Nikki quit and get another coach.... Emily's old coach Leslie, as it turns out, who's Still Bitter about Emily quitting. Leslie stirs some shit about Spencer's motives and hits that he and Emily are banging (and any time someone brings it up, he's all "That's nobody else's business," rather than "It would be unprofessional" or "unethical" or uh, anything....but it's a romance motive), Emily gets offended to hear it all from the media and quits.
Out of nowhere, Dave the skate shop owner and Hildy the cafe owner....well, Dave is all "I proposed to you 20 years ago, how's about reconsidering it?" and Hildy is all "This just came out of NOWHERE," and I am all "I see his point about not wasting time and getting on with what you want, but this does seem out of nowhere."
"We're going to go back to basics OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. You don't look like you want to be here, Nikki," Leslie yells. Then Leslie openly brags about "psyching out the competition" and getting Emily to quit. Ugh, this woman.
Wait, Emily and Nikki are hiding under a bridge or something to talk? Nikki wants to quit too. Damn, seriously, they snuck off to hide under a bridge? Also, Leslie is mean. "Why can't I just skate?" Nikki says, the plea of all the "amateur"/professionals everywhere. The girls go off together to fun skate.... and then go back to Spencer for coaching.
Hildy, did you think about your answer yet?" "Don't rush me, Dave." "Maybe in 20 years," he says.
Wow, even Stage Mom hates Leslie now. That was a "take the hint" firing if I ever saw one. DAMN, THAT'S COLD.
I'm a little concerned that Emily is ready to quit at any possible opportunity, i.e. day of competition. Seriously, girl, suck it up at that point. Nikki calls Emily her hero and she stays. Nikki comes in first, Emily comes in second, everyone is happy.
Okay, Spencer and Emily on ice making out is damn hot. Kinda out of nowhere, but hot.

Amazing Winter Romance: THIS ONE HAS A GIANT SNOW MAZE.
( I looked it up: it's a corn maze in the dry and a snow maze in the snow, in Canada.)
Julia is a reporter. Her childhood....????.... Nate created a giant snow maze. "Sure beats the maze we made as kids, eh?" It takes about an hour, but there are plenty of emergency exits and his niece Ava is "a pro."
"I'm not into the whole video texting thing," says Nate, in a movie that predates 2020 (this appears to be aired in January of this year originally). GOOD LUCK WITH THAT AVOIDANCE IN THE FUTURE, NATE.
Julia says that after 15 years of best friends with Nate, she just doesn't see him in a know, word we can't say on Hallmark....way. Her mom doesn't care.
Once again, I roll my eyes at small town people who are all "I don't get why anyone would EVER MOVE AWAY FROM HERE." This brunette chick (Skye) is soooooooo hot for Nate. "Well, she certainly lays it on thick. I'm such a townie but I've only been here for a few months!" snarks Julia.
That girl after Nate is "SO OVER THE BIG CITY!" Who would want to shop for days at all the stores? NOT ME! *eye-roll*
And finally, Julia actually goes into the snow maze to look for a dog. She needs a 7-year-old to get her out. I'd make fun of this, except I had to follow an entire Boy Scout troop to get out of a giant corn maze and thus cannot judge.
Skye brings her entire kids class to decorate the maze.
Oh, Julia gets lost in these things. Ava will take her around! (Again.)
I love the forced hug Skye does on Julia, which is even funnier since Julia is like a foot and a half taller than she is. Skye's big idea is Christmas lights in the maze, which I think is great, I just want to know where you plug them in?
"Did Uncle Nate bug you?"... "But I see him bugging you now." Ava's young but not stupid.
Skye's delivery of 'FORGE MY OWN PATH" is....again, a bit much in the delivery. "Not that this town isn't special too, it's got a lot of's really starting to grow on me."
I don't think Jules actually comes off as jealous. She even tells him to go on a date with Skye.
Nate’s sister tells him that Jules has a thing for him, she just isn’t saying it. I...don’t see it?
Did I just hear someone say, “I gotta get back to that murder shack?!”
Jules finally sucks it up and goes into the maze, at night, with a sparkler, and checks out the ice/snow angel sculptures inside.
"Small town living isn't for everyone?" Oh yeah, and Jules will be leaving soon? Skye perks up.
We've got fifteen minutes left in this movie and only now does Jules care about him dating her or not? Nate rejects Skye anyway. She says she was hoping he'd make her feel happier here, but "I've been trying really hard here...but I miss New York! Cheesecake is awesome! And as much as I try to be one of them, I'm not one of them!"
Even the waitress snarks, "I guess she didn't have small town in her blood after all."
Six minutes left into this movie and Nate finally sacks up to chase down Jules in her car to tell her not to leave. Lucky for him, the road is blocked. Well, lucky as in "I called someone to stop you," apparently.
Here's the problem with this movie: as written, and as performed by Jessy Schramm, Jules really doesn't ever actually seem attracted to Nate at any point in time. I'm supposed to be excited that they are kissing but instead I am Is she actually enjoying this? I've spent enough time watching one-sided chemistry with people to just...think it doesn't work?

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