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Too Much Rain

2018-01-08, 9:46 p.m.

Well, went back to work today. I have really enjoyed not having Shitty Work Brain going on for two weeks. I did not enjoy having to go back to it or having to answer nearly 300 emails, a lot of which were "Why haven't you answered me back?" panics because my "team" doesn't do that sort of thing. They ignored me all day, of course. Whatever.

Also, it is raining like fuck today. The streets are so puddled you can't walk on the sidewalks and it's hailing tonight. I was skidding off and on on the freeway all the way home tonight and there were puddles on the freeway and I was getting blasted by other people's car backwash and I'm seriously amazed I made it home safe. It is deadly out there. Why can't we have rain days like the East Coast has snow days? It was not safe to be out tonight.

My one cautionary thing about getting into this show: knowing I'd have to drive in this weather for a month. I usually try to do as little as possible in January.

The one good moment of the day was rehearsal, in which we worked on what I'd call an improv dance. It's along the lines of "for 8 counts everyone walk fast, for 8 counts run, for 8 counts do a certain move, for 8 counts walk backwards, for 8 counts everyone do contact improv again," sort of thing, and you can do what you want in that style on each section. That was fun. I got out early because I'm not in anyone's special numbers, so that part was nice. But I am still scared as hell even though I got home alive. That drive was awful.

Meg wrote me this "Oh, I just love the rain" email earlier today and I was all, NO, I CANNOT, THIS IS TOO MUCH AIEEEEE. (I suspect she probably didn't have to leave the house. Sure, rain is great if you don't have to leave the house.) I'm glad this isn't a Mom call night because it would not be fun conversation now.

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