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Petting The Robot Cat Was More Fun Than This

2021-01-21, 9:04 p.m.

Back at work today, digging out of the hole I dug for being out one bleeping day. Mail avalanches, one panicky international client AGAIN...sigh.

I have been pissed off at the post office for the last few days. I'm signed up for USPS Informed Delivery, which means that they email you daily (or at least when mail is coming that day) as to what mail to expect. It irritatingly won't let you see exactly what packages are coming or what the tracking number is without logging in, but logging in is fucking excruciating.

I was supposed to get three packages on Tuesday and they never showed up at the door, and the USPS website is fucking abysmal. It will never let me reuse a password, it never accepts my passwords, I always get "Invalid format for password" (whatever that means), and I have to pretend I forgot my password, get another code sent to me, answer the questions, and then come up with a new password...which WILL NOT WORK EXCEPT FOR RIGHT AFTER I SIGNED IN ONCE. Except yesterday when I was trying to check on all the packages since I got no email for the day, it would never let me in at all and every single effing password I tried would not work or save and I left an extremely mad feedback about it.

Today I got email--not much came in today--but it occurred to me that maybe the packages were put in the box. I briefly went out and they were. Whew. Go figure. I didn't think they were all small enough to fit, but there you go.

Notes from my meetings:

* Teresa asked that if we're not getting budget cut this year, can we hire more people. BigBoss said (more politic than I am phrasing it, mind you) "well, we might get budget cut next year and then we'd have to get rid of whoever we most recently hired, and that would suck," Teresa was all, "So it's easier to get elected president than get a job here, then?"

* On Tuesday, my boss's husband was on Kid Duty all day while she had to physically go into the office, much to her delight. "I made my own lunch, not their lunches, they have to fend for themselves...." By 9 a.m. the school was calling her and she gave them her husband's number to deal with it. Today I asked what happened. One of the kids was in the wrong Zoom room. We were also informed that one kid's teacher told the entire class that they were physically present, but their minds weren't mentally there. I was all, I hear THAT.

I did enjoy watching the press conference today. Fauci got to talk! Joking was happening? I totally have a girlcrush on Jen Psaki. “One of the new things in this administration is if you don’t know the answer, don’t guess. Just say you don’t know the answer.”

Tonight I watched a play called 'Small Steps," in which the dating scene is so bad that a guy wants to move to Mars. "When I realized that nobody will ever love me, I volunteered to go to Mars." His name is "Skip Powers," a name that makes NASA horny, baby. It's a one way trip, does your family care?" I bring a salad that nobody eats." "The only thing they care about is if you make a baby," Skip says of his. Skip is hella gay and totally willing to rule himself out of the gene pool. "We would love to shoot a homosexual into space." (That line alone tells you what this show is like, doesn't it?)

"But I also want to touch someone and be touched." TELL ME ABOUT IT, SKIP. ALSO IT'S NATIONAL HUG DAY AND I CAN'T. "I'm choosing to be lonely, bitchasses!"At least NASA wants you! Next week! And we're sending you to an abstinence coach! (WTF) "Should I be on quarantine?" "Nah, you're gooooood." Skip dresses in plastic to go out clubbing, but does a VR experience instead. "You are an obnoxious bag of human meat," a doctor says to him at one point.

Honestly, I'm not loving this. Skip is what I'd have to call "dumb gay." He's kind of a shallow bimbo of a person and goes for shallow himbos and it's just all....stupid. Everyone is stupid in it. My mom called about an hour in to ask me if getting a Chromebook is a good idea (I said no) and I just kept talking because watching this wasn't fun. Anyway, while I was doing that, Skip got kicked out of going to Mars for...some reason, so let's hook up with some hottie. Or not. Oh yeah, and his old crush Alan shows up to beg him not to go, but he goes.... Anyway, Skip eventually goes to Mars, presumably dies upon landing, but there's later a bunch of Martial humans on earth! So um, yay? After awhile I was all, not sure what's going on other than dude being lonely in space putting on plays by himself. Well, aren't we all.

I hate to rag on it, but it could have been better. I had a better time petting my fake robot cat.

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