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Emotional Hangover

2018-02-04, 7:35 a.m.

Body parts that are sore right now:
* Left side of neck. Don’t know why.
* Back. Not sure why that one either
* Feels like I sprained my right pinky. Don’t actually remember injuring that but it kind of came on between one show and the other.
* Knees, which is justfied given how many times I landed on them.

It is an emotional hangover day. I tried to sleep in but only got about seven hours before waking up. I’ve wanted to go back to sleep all day but I am wide awake, I stayed in bed off and on listening to podcasts or whatever for most of the time. I had to drag my ass out to get groceries for lunch and that was a heroic effort on my part. I still need to do things like laundry (oh lord, the costumes after wearing them for a week) and am debating calling in sick tomorrow if I continue to feel like roadkill.

I know I’m going to feel at a loss this month, if not longer, trying to figure out what to do next. I should just kinda take a break, teach a class, decide on what else to do in life.

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