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2004-02-05, 4:03 p.m.

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Already I'm like, what was I thinking with all these classes again?

Monday night, I had beading class. Tuesday night I had beading class. Wednesday night I had The Talk. Friday night I'm going to Mom's for the weekend to get my hair dyed and other errands done that I can't get done here. Saturday all day will be getting hair dyed and errands done. Homework for all these classes is due Saturday at 11 p.m.

Thus leaving me Thursday night to get all of the homework done.

Last week, relatively speaking, the homework wasn't too bad. This week, it was worse. My personal finance class has the Official Syllabus-Assigned Homework, and the Actual Assignment, which the teacher makes up on the fly and we're supposed to do instead. Fortunately the Actual Assignments so far have been one lone discussion question (this week's: Is it stupid to go into debt to pay off your wedding? Everyone in class that's so far done the assignment, about seven people: "DUH!"). The writing class wants you to pick an idea from last week and come up with an outline for it. I BS'd it, knowing it wasn't the best work but it was after midnight and I wanted it done already.

But the CSS class? Stumped my ass. With one vague description of "Just place this code between this bit and that bit," and I could not FIND the "this and that bit" it was referring to, I was utterly lost. It took me HOURS just to go through the lesson and make all the changes it asks for before you even get to the homework. And then the homework was long, and I couldn't even think of how to put into words what I do not understand to ask a question. Suddenly the perils of online learning finally occurred to me- I can't just go "Where am I supposed to put THAT?" and point. I finally gave up about 12:45 a.m last night, since I already hadn't packed or done anything else much beyond bombing at CSS. I have no idea if I'll manage to get online from my parents' house to do it or not, but I doubt it. Grrr.

Oh well, it's not for real grades, right?

What kind of emphasizes that I'm crazy here is looking at Heather, the real student, who has a midterm today AND the big fat interview for the promotion on the same day. She was told at work, "It'd look a whole lot better for you if you were in here by 7 a.m." (Riiiiight, like she could even get up then. Well, she was barely awake when I left the house at 7:30.) And of course, she has had no time whatsoever to study for organic chemistry, which means she gets to be up all night, too exhausted to learn OR get up in the morning.

Yeah, why am I doing this again?

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