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2011-02-21, 7:49 p.m.

So, the con I didn't get to go to is now over.


After three days of cleaning, I can say that the whole massive cleaning job is MOSTLY done. What I have left boils down to "pile of smallish stuff that I need to allot to homes" for some jewelry I dug up, to be put into the bedroom, and some craft items that need to be allotted into the craft room. And figure out if I am going to keep various Items of Holding that I found. And finish boxing up whatever I'm going to get rid of. And then figure out what I am going to do with the leftover boxes. (Probably might as well save them for later, I'm guessing.)

Oh, random funny: I saw the upstairs neighbors AND THEIR PARENTS standing around in the halls awkwardly and then going into the on-site manager's apartment for what must be a meeting about getting money out of them. Hoo boy.

I cleaned out my bathroom area and filled a box full of unused makeup samples and MORE FREAKING LOTION. Seriously, I have so much damn lotion I could lube up the entire state or something. And once that got cleaned out, I actually had empty space in my bathroom. I re-organized the beading section in the living room. I even straightened up the hall closet (or at least put the Christmas stuff in one corner of it). So other than the piddly shit that I am rapidly losing interest in putting somewhere, the major work is done. Maybe one of these weekends I can do something else besides cleaning. If I ever have anything fun to do on a weekend again :P

So, it was productive, if un-fun compared to what I could have been doing, and probably never will do again on these February 3-day weekends.

Sometimes I just wish I could ask them all, "Why? Why did you lose interest in something so cool? What we had was a rare thing, the likes of which most of us probably won't find again. And for what?" It's such a waste to me. And I am still royally steamed at my ex-mentor, because I expected better from her and I expect very little of most people. But what good would that do? None.

If I ever move to a big city, at least there'd be more options for people to hang out with.

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