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Yet Another Post Of Dental Drama

2016-03-04, 8:30 p.m.

Friday was a lulu of a day.

1. I went to work. I only did this for about an hour and a half. My boss said that if I "didn't feel well" or just didn't want to go back to work after my pre-surgery procedure, I did not have to. I had originally planned to, but I ended up deciding not to the night before and hoo boy, was that a good move. Why did I decide this? You'll see below.

I went to the periodontist for the pre-cleaning, which was fine. Almost entirely painless and I didn't even get the numbing shots in my cheeks like I figured. Go figure. I did get them to schedule the surgery for next Thursday, which was reasonably the only time I can do it without totally screwing with work scheduling, and Dawn can do it on that day, etc., etc.

I also got a long lecture on how one should floss every single tooth separately and rinse the floss in between each tooth. I really wanted to say, "We're in a drought, is that super waste of water a really good idea?" but didn't because I was already getting lectured on "you don't want that bacteria to go from tooth to tooth, do you?" I already call my irritatingly long dental process "the scouring of the Shire," but now it's gonna be even worse.

I also got asked about how my coffee drinking stains my teeth, to which I was all, "I don't drink coffee, that's the mouthwash you insist I use." (Seriously.) I would like to not be on it for those reasons--and my mom is rather obsessed with my non-white teeth already even before this-- but no, they love that stuff. I also got told, "oh, if you start losing your ability to taste food, let us know, we'll cut you back." Wait, what?!

After this finished up and I still had the ability to speak, I headed to a local credit union that Merry said was super lenient about getting you a credit card. I was an idiot who did not sign up for a credit card in college and that has screwed me for life. The only credit card I have does not have a high enough limit to pay for this surgery, so I have been trying to come up with some way to do this. They were super nice about it. Here's the ironic thing: I apparently have a ridiculously high credit score except for the part where I don't have a long enough credit history, so I got auto-rejected, but then the girl very nicely appealed and they got me a higher limit on an unsecured card than I was expecting. So I set up an account with them and got them to put the money on a card and WHEW. That problem got solved.

I picked up the wacky drugs for surgery. Whee.

My headlight appears to be burning out--which is weird since that was the newer light. I went to buy a new light at O'Reilly and got told they had nobody around to install it (I'm not super confident on my ability to put it in myself), but I could try Jiffy Lube across the street. And the Jiffy guys were all, "The light is fine, but whoever put this in melted your wires." Whaaaat? Oh great. Who the hell am I supposed to trust to put in a light if I can't do it right and apparently the places I've tried (both auto supply stores in town) are both bad at it? So I just had to hope I didn't get pulled over or get myself killed while driving at night tonight. (Also, never did get a hold of the car guy I've been seeing in the Bay Area either. Ugh.)

Did I mention the weather here? Today is the start of Huge Storm Weekend, which makes it a terrible time to be spending one's entire weekend driving around. All these weekends where I've been stuck inside cleaning on beautiful weekends, and this would be a great weekend to stay indoors cleaning and I can't. Because I bought my mom this glass fusing class in the olde hometowne (recommended by my shrink, who then said, "you'd better buy one for you too or else she won't go") and it has to be used this month and I have limited availability to do shit. So I was tentatively planning to go home early enough to drive in the rain in the light instead of the dark, but....

I'll have to put that into a Part 2.

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