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A Boring Meeting

2020-03-04, 9:51 p.m.

On a good news/bad news side, Ed invited me to perform in his storytelling show, but it’s on the same weekend as dinner theater. I optimistically told him I’m already booked that night, but please let me know about the next one, and he said sure, September or October. So I’m pleased to get the offer, at least, even if I am going to kick myself for turning down a sure thing if I don’t get in. But Linda likes me and there’s extra roles, so let’s hope. I can also at least dance (somewhat) so that’s an advantage in this, I suspect.

My boss has had SEVEN DIFFERENT OFFICE MOVES WITHIN A YEAR and now they are making her and half the office do yet another one. It’s so ridiculous I can’t even start. Also, they are kicking my former bully out of her solo office (BAD IDEA, CAN’T STRESS THAT ENOUGH) and making her share an office with whoever it is that they hire. OH GOOD GOD. Whatever poor bastard they hire, I am avoiding them like shit, with a “godspeed and good luck.” I also warned Christine that if she needs to talk shit about me around them, absolutely do so, feel free, and she said she wouldn’t. I told her that she needs to get along with them at all costs, because they WILL do things to her if she doesn’t.

I also have to have my entire desk remodeled due to ergonomics, so I guess I get another office move too. I can’t even care any more.

None of our temps want to apply for jobs in my section of the unit, even my favorite one, as they can find better/easier jobs. Tigress is disappointed. I can’t say I’m shocked at this. Once someone gets out of our unit, they’re all happier elsewhere.

I got forced to go to a meeting about something I’m going to have assigned to me that I literally knew NOTHING about whatsoever. I had no clue what was going on. It was dull. I figured out one thing about all of this and was thinking, “Why the hell did I have to go to this meeting? Why couldn’t I get trained on WHAT THE HECK THIS IS first?” Then I tried to fake perky about being excited to learn...whatever the heck this is.

Oh, and also during this meeting we found out that Lioness isn’t in her position securely, which we did not know and we are sure Lioness DOES NOT KNOW. We have two openings? “She can apply for them if she wants.” WTF?!?!

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