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Captain Marvel

2019-03-09, 11:26 p.m.

Well, it’s raining here AGAIN, so all I did was go to the gym and see Captain Marvel. It was pretty good, albeit I was not as into the opening section of the movie compared to the stuff on Earth later on.

Review commences, I am going to spoil stuff because hell with it.

“Vers” is a Kree woman with superpowered fists (or so she thinks) who lost her memory six years ago and yet has been allowed to join some strike team in the Kree’s endless war against the Skrulls, who they seem to think are terrorists. Upon being captured by the Skrulls and having her memory poked, Vers has some odd memories of flying planes, being friends with a lady, living somewhere else that’s not Kree, and then ends up busting her way out and landing on Planet Earth in 1995.

The Skrulls (who shapeshift into whoever they can see if they like) are looking for a woman in Vers’s memories, Dr. Wendy Lawson, who has been working on some kind of faster-than-light ship they could use. Upon landing on Earth, Vers goes after them and this whole situation and ends up teaming up with a younger, kind-of-at-a-loss-these-days Nick Fury. The two of them hit it off delightfully, and also find Lawson’s cat Goose, who appears to still wander around a government facility despite the death of her owner. They track down Maria Rambeau, the last witness to see the deceased Lawson and her pilot alive.

We find out the following:
* Lawson was secretly a Kree in disguise, named Mar-Vell, and she had a space lab that she was hiding Skrulls in.
* Turns out the Skrulls aren’t so much evil so much as they are being persecuted by the Kree and just want to get the fuck away from the Kree very fast and fnd somewhere else to live where they won’t be harassed.
* Vers is really Carol Danvers, an ace pilot who worked for Lawson along with her bestie Maria Rambeau so they could get flight hours and get around sexist rules.
* Carol and Lawson/Mar-Vell were doing a flight, had a crash, Carol found out a dying Mar-Vell was an alien and Mar-Vell told her to blow up the ship’s drive. When Carol did so, she absorbed the power of the whole dang thing, which was something-or-other’d by the Tesseract. This is where Carol acquired her powers and was presumed dead six years ago.
* Carol’s memories were wiped out by this, and the nearest Kree shooting at them--turns out to be her “mentor”/boss Jude Law’s character whose name I forget--picked her up, gave her some blood transfusions, and told her she was a Kree. She also has some kind of inhibitor put on her to lessen her superpowers, which Carol eventually figures out is such, yanks it off, and has all the powers of Superman and everything.
* Goose is some kind of alien cat species (Flerken) with a black hole inside it and it can just shoot out tentacles and eat anything whenever it likes. Including the Tesseract for a while.
* Oh dear lord, Fury looooooooves cats. It’s adorbs.
* Unfortunately, a cat scratch from Goose is what takes out his eye. Betrayed by someone he trusted, indeed.

Anyway, Carol has a subtle snarky sense of humor that I deeply enjoyed, and I liked her relationships with Fury and the Rambeau family, even if I am not seeing the uh, “sexy” chemistry people seem to think she and Maria have going. I wasn’t too into the Kree-only opening but got more into the fun of it all, and the cool twists as things went on. I really look forward to finding out what she does in the next Avengers movie, and I really enjoyed the credits scenes about that.

So overall, I deem it Good and You Should Watch It.

I am also trying to catch up on various online video and found a good one on burnout in your job. Apparently the reasons why I have it are that (a) I am in a high-intensity helping profession (b) I am not well matched to my job, (c) don't have much control there either, and (d) since I have no husband and kids at home to lean on when I have stress, I don't have any social support.

This last one surprised me because I am always thinking, "I am so glad I have no one to go home to that is nagging at me for attention all night too, I don't know how people go home to families without wanting to smack people." I suspect this is roughly how my dad felt when I was growing up--he was antisocial, had to deal with customers all day and was always grumpy-ass at home. It was probably Too Much People for him, too. So maybe if I did have anyone at home, I'd be an asshole around the house too and get drained even more than I already am. Nothing or nobody is "filling me up" any more, but eh.... it's not like this has happened much or for very long in my life so same fucking difference.

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