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No Point In Showering

2020-03-14, 10:13 p.m.

No point in showering, y’all. My hair is a fright. Who cares. I slept for 10 hours and stayed in bed until 11 and the Lawn Guys did not come today, so it was nice and quiet.

Like about everyone else, I am watching online videos and crocheting. I almost logged onto some video chat thing for knitters today and then was all, “Nope, this is entirely video and voice and I don’t like seeing or hearing myself, never mind” and noped out. Plus the hair. Hoo boy, I am going to enjoy being forced to videochat in the future. At least today was optional. God knows I will get bitched out by work if I have to do it there and don’t want to take the duck tape off the camera.

I heard from Meg and she said she had her friend/neighbor and her kid over for a fancy breakfast (!!!!), so I am guessing she’s doing better? I hope? I asked her to email or text me per day to prove she’s alive. I also texted my mom this, it took her 4+ hours to get back to me because she’s with Roger. Hubba hubba. I hope she ends up crashing at his place if it has to happen.

I spent a lot of time watching songs from canceled performances of shows. Which is both very sad and well, nice they had some video of what they were doing to show others.

Today’s officially now tasteless mailing list email:
Dear Cost Plus: please do not e-mail/text me to "come into the store, today only" to get a free pizza cutter for Pi Day. TURN OFF YOUR AUTO BLASTS FOR SHIT LIKE THIS, PEOPLE.

Today’s cancellations:

* I mentioned there was one theater in Sacramento that was still having shows because they were spreading out the seating: well, now they’re shutting down too.

* Meanwhile, Beat the Room (one of the escape room places I’ve been to) is still running, but says they are only taking private bookings with people you know and a lot of disinfectant. I bet I get an email tomorrow saying they’re closed for the forseeable future, or at least until April.

* Oh, and after checking their webpage multiple times a day yesterday, Winters Theatre’s page now has a post dated March 8 (?!) saying that they’ve postponed the show. I’m glad to hear it’s a postponement, at least.... fingers crossed that that’s an option like, 3-6-9 months from now.

* Online classes are now officially happening here as well. Picnic Day is canceled--Mary was all “we’re gonna be left with a lot of merchandise” about this yesterday. I will continue to work on this temperature scarf (which was supposed to be in a Picnic Day display), but I guess the deadline isn’t so crucial to finish before right now. I assume they’ll just do a display about this at some point sometime.

I also lost my shit a bit when I was reading an article interviewing all the big shots at my giant org (suffice it to say that I don’t actually know these people) and were asked something about my work specialty and they were all “That’s a good question! I guess we should find out, huh?” *FACEPALM* Not that I wasn’t getting asked the same stuff the last few days by other offices and I gave the same answer of “Look, I already let people do it late for like, two months after they miss the deadline, so same diff to me.” But god knows I can’t have contact with big shots if they call and ask or I’ll manage to piss someone else off or say the wrong thing. Gonna have to warn boss and grandboss (okay, I already emailed boss this) on Monday morning.

I wonder if the Craft Center is going to be forced to be closed? I assume so since those are in-person classes that can’t exactly be “virtual.” I did get asked the other day to teach during the summer and I said yes as long as we moved it to August. So we’ll see. I haven’t heard if the gym is being closed either (dorms, for the record, are not).

Oh yeah, and there’s THIS: White House Doctor Claims Trump Tested Negative for COVID-19 But We Have No Reason to Believe Him.

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