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Worst April Fool's Ever

2016-04-01, 9:39 p.m.

I need to go back and update other things like improv classes, but my April Fool's sucked rancid donkey balls and I need to vent.

This was the first week of the season here and first weeks are awful in this job. Monday was awful.

Tuesday through Thursday this year I got lucky in that I got to go to all day long training classes. Great! However, there were some issues, such as somehow they were not great at letting me know things about going to said class, and where it was being held and when every day was a shuffle. And the weirdest thing about it was that we only did training on the computer program for HALF OF A DAY, swear to god. The other 2.5 days were spent pretty much watching the programmer lady while she asked us how she should program stuff into it. Whaaaat? Don't get me wrong, it was a billion times better than work (even if I spent literally all day surfing the web and knitting and occasionally answering something), but that's strange.

Friday was back to being godawful again. I wasn't technically being pranked unless we count the universe as doing that. Of course everything was short staffed and crazy and I had a pile of work to do--the usual life punishment for not being there all the time. But on top of that, my computer has been freezing up and crashing within 5-10 minutes of turning it on, and it took most of the day to fix that. And after that got fixed, then my e-mail client broke and somehow lost all e-mails written after 2012. I was all, what is this, a time warp prank?

I also had to do a lunchtime meeting (which I really really really would have preferred to do next week) and somehow "meet in front of the coffee joint" turned into "we both went inside to the back of the giant coffee joint while Jennifer stands around wondering what the hell."

I was about five seconds away from screaming, crying breakdown a lot of the day.

Oh yeah, and I found out when my moving day is going to be: mid-June. Because hey, let's move up the timeline some more!


Meg left me a message while I was at work and it sounds like she's pretty much moved back to her hometown already. I guess she'll be around to teach the one last class she has scheduled and then she's outta here, moving on with her life and doing what she wants to do now that she doesn't have to be a caregiver any more.

After reading that, well, I was going to go out tonight but now I am just depressed and on the couch and probably gonna go to bed and end this fucking day early.

Worst April Fool's Ever.

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