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Relative-Free Easter

2015-04-05, 10:34 p.m.

So this was the first Easter that we haven't spent with relatives. They bailed on Easter to go see my uncle's mother in Oregon for her 90th birthday.

I figured Mom was going to be ... not so fun to deal with this weekend. Happily, this was not the case. She had to work on Saturday so she didn't get here until after 10 p.m. at night.

I spent the day puttering--going to the gym, grocery store, hit the library book sale, making Easter baskets for both of us and doing decorations, and watching the ASSSSCAT (Upright Citizens Brigade) video that was recommended for us in improv class. They're doing a Harold-esque thing in which they have a guest monologuist to fuel their improv. It's interesting to watch because Amy Poehler is the ONLY woman in it and sometimes things got a little weird. Like there was one skit where she plays a lady who's not good at negotiation who allows the mechanic to "take the car into the desert and take acid so he can figure out what's wrong with it," and the guy's drug trip ("I'm a talking cactus!") is interspersed with the lady's husband yelling at her and it was kind of disturbing. Later she finally hits her limit and waves a knife at him and he threatens to hit her and asks "Can't we have a 1950's relationship?" So.... that was twisted. On the other hand, she also had a great one where she's teaching a skiing class and teaching 4 doofuses, three of which are claiming to be the best ever at skiing. The only one admitting he's a doofus is the one she says, "You're the only one I trust" to. And finally, there was a very Leslie Knope skit in which she's giving her boyfriend ten gifts, the first one's a solid gold briefcase, then there's a bust of his head, then Julio Iglesias comes out to sing... Halfway through he's allowed to give his one gift. Which is a card. With a $10 check in it. Cut to her taking back gift #6....

Anyway, I turned that off when Mom got here and introduced her to watching Outlander. She seemed to like it all right, I guess.

On actual Easter, I told her the library book sale was going on--yeah, that's the one activity going on this weekend here--and she stocked up on books just like I did. Ahem. Then we went out to breakfast at a place that had a rabbit posing for pictures, which she loved. And I had a delicious spam stir-fry. May have to go back there again before that monthly special runs out--it's normally their "April Fool's" dish. Then she went out looking for cheap candy and then we went back to my house... only to find out that SURPRISE, despite my saying "please don't buy me any more furniture, I can't fit any in here, no, not even to replace that busted chest of drawers where the drawers fell apart" (and she knew I meant that and even said she knew I'd be ticked), she went out and bought a replacement chest of drawers. So we spent 2+ hours attempting to move furniture in and out while being tiny women. DEAR GOD I HATE MOVING FURNITURE, YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I HATE THAT. Especially with no dudes in the vicinity.'s a holiday, she's gonna do what she's gonna do.

We finished the night off by going to Fenton's, looking at some adorable rabbit sculptures that are now decorating Vacaville--I definitely want to go see them all-- and then going home to watch The Good Wife before she finally left. So in the end, she was much happier than being with the relatives, hoping for love. Huzzah.

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