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The Hot Water Incident

2020-04-06, 8:50 p.m.

I woke up with whopping cramps from 4-7 a.m. What a great way to start the day!

Last night, the hot water was out. I hoped that maybe somebody else would notice and report it (or try to take a hot shower) so I wouldn’t have to and it’d be on the next day. It was not. I reported it, specifically saying something like “Hot water’s off, can you turn it back on?” because usually it’s out for everyone. Then the onsite manager knocked on the door (to her credit for a change, pretty quickly, within a half hour or so) WANTING IN because she said it was just me. I freaked the fuck out and said, “I don’t have a mask!” and she was all, “Tom has something or other and can come back” (or whatever) and ran away.

I’ll end the suspense for you if not for me: I never heard a goddamned thing about this the rest of the day, even though I waited in nervous limbo. I tried to improvise a mask. I spent my lunch hour hiding all of my food in the cabinets, fridge, and bedroom. I didn’t actually eat because what if they came in while I was eating?

I don’t want anyone in here! I’m safe in here if I’m alone! I don’t want to catch it from people who are going in and out of houses! Even worse, I read this link that said DON’T have anyone in the house, but if you absolutely have to, don’t use that room for 72 hours afterwards because virus lives on for 72 hours. I can’t use the kitchen for 72 hours?!?! I can’t avoid being in that space! There’s no door to shut off the kitchen anyway! It’s a giant kitchen/living room space!

I am so sick of this girl. She’s been doing the job for four years. She stinks at it. Her followthrough is piecemeal at best. I’m so tired of it. I’m so tired of her. I’m sick of “she has a family” being an excuse for everything. I do not want to have to be a naggy bitch who reports on her when she doesn’t get anything done, and she forces me to have to be a naggy bitch and pay the social consequences of being one with the overall manager. I don’t want to have hostile relations around the complex. But she doesn’t get shit done. I only ask if I absolutely have to because it’s a fucking health issue and I still have to be a fucking nag for days and anger people by asking and asking. That isn’t safe either.

Of course, neither is no hot water in a pandemic either.

Fuuuuuuuck. And here I was just hoping I wouldn’t clog the toilet.

Oh yeah, and she just emailed me claiming she tried to call me but doesn’t have my right number. WHAT? BS. Seriously. There is always something with that girl.

As for work, I had to get trained in more crap, which is now going to happen A Lot. Sigh. Well, at least that went okay over the phone, even if I had a giant fuckup. And now I have to answer the general portals because that went up to 500. Grandboss is insisting that we start opening up the phone lines next week (note: so far I don’t think they actually work, from the demos they tried to put on) even though nobody has time to talk to panicking upset humans for six hours a day AND do their workload now that we more or less lost our younger staff. One manager tried to bring that up, but nooooo. The closest concession they got was to only cut down phone hours to 4 hours a day. Jeebus.

I also brought up, once again, “HEY, WE SHOULD LET PEOPLE KNOW THAT THEY CAN’T GET STUFF MAILED ON OUR WEBSITE,” to my boss, who could only sigh and nod. Which is to say that this is apparently above her head to decide, I presume.

I don’t know how the hell I’m supposed to do my own workload and everyone else’s Right now I have a bit less than usual, but that’s not going to last and I have a shit ton of addresses to proofread and when am I going to find time for that when I have to do all of Tigress’s work/get trained on it too?

Hey kids, you know what? IF YOU’D JUST GOOGLE FOR WHAT YOUR QUESTION IS, YOU’D GET AN ANSWER A LOT FASTER AND NOT HAVE TO ASK A HUMAN AND THEN BITCH THAT NOBODY GOT BACK TO YOU FOR DAYS. Seriously, almost everything was a “Let Me Google That For You” moment. “Hey, when you said on your website calendar days, does that mean that today is day seven or day eight?” when the website really specified it. How do I order an important document? Here is the page for reading about how you can order an important document! All I did was Google, there was maybe one question that needed inside knowledge out of me there. Oh brother. Two hours of this a day. Well, at least I found some easy shit to get the obligation done with for 2 hours.

I listened to The Feminist Survival Project, Even More Social Distancing, which was very informative, albeit horrifying and depressing about how quarantine literally goes against everything in humanity and is going to cause us whopping problems to our health and psyches too. They did talk about introverts vs. extroverts, i.e. Amelia is an introvert and said that “is this how extroverts feel all the time?” like everything works out for them in life and is comfortable for them and works for their needs. (Reminded me of night owls vs. early birds.) Then they talked about how some extrovert girl is freaking dying even though she’s got a boyfriend living with her and is going on walks and socializing online. I’m ambivert so the hanging out by myself bit doesn’t bother me, but there are other aspects that certainly do, especially uh, today. And they discussed the Skagit Valley Choir, in which 2/3 of them came down with it and some died because they went to choir rehearsal and breathed heavily. Amelia, being a conductor, was all, “I would have done the same thing because the show must go on.” It horrifies me that the night they were all catching it, I was at karaoke....but as far as I know everyone is fine. Probably. I haven’t heard otherwise at least.

Oh, on the good news side, a programmer girl I know told me she’s leaving at the end of the week. Didn’t mention getting another job (that’s ominous since her SO is like, a crossing guard and they have a kid), so I didn’t comment on that, just congratulated her for getting out. She told me last year she wanted out...

By the end of the day, I was kind of a wreck, and then Jackie started texting, and I had also signed up for a “Magical Eggs” online ritual that started at 5 my time (the organizers are in Wisconsin). I needed some detox time between things, but did not have/get it. Jackie also basically text-yelled at me not to freak out and I should get over having disease vectors in my house and I should follow what the CDC says. Uh, literally everything we “know” changes like, hourly! We have no effing idea and the contagion keeps getting worse! FUCKING TIGERS CAN GET IT NOW! You can’t promise shit! We can’t trust the CDC, Trump ruined them too! I’ve been feeling pretty well “in the clear” because it’s been over two weeks since I was around people and am fine, and now the fucking quarantine disease count is going to start all over again because of no goddamned hot water. Also, why the hell does the water only go out for me, anyway?

The online ritual was actually quite lovely and well done. I like the idea of getting to do those in different areas of the country. A lady I don’t know but saw around at Pcon was putting it on and did a great job. Unfortunately, I was kind of a wreck (I turned on the camera, saw my face and was all, “Nope, no camera today”) and ended up crying through most of the ritual. Which is a shame, because I was just not in the mental state of mind to really get into the imagining of the whole thing.

I did not like how she specifically called out everyone’s name to talk about the ritual at the end and I had to be all, “Sorry, I was crying.” Embarrassing.

I want to talk to you-know-who, but.... no.

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