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Even Lady Gaga Isn't Dressing Up Any More

2020-04-07, 8:52 p.m.

My therapist canceled on me today because she had a tooth extraction.* This was a bad thing for me personally (see yesterday) but on the good news side, I guess I would have had to have canceled, because I had to host a Zoom meeting that was supposed to go from 9:30-11 (therapy time is 11:10) and oh dear god, it just went on and on and on until 11:45. Why? Because I was supposed to get trained in how to print stuff remotely and guess what? IT DIDN'T WORK. I was completely unshocked that something didn't work because this happens like every time we try to do anything new with anybody. Eventually Grandboss got on the meeting and said that she'd never been able to get anything to print while on the VPN, so that answered that. By the end of the day Tigress eventually figured out some kind of identity-fudging loophole around this, but it was mildly ludicrous by office standards. Happily, since I have no webcam, I got some knitting done.

* Let's see: she lives with a 97-year-old, she's on the streets of NYC every day, she's getting acupuncture, and now she's been to the dentist. I fear I need to be seriously concerned about her survival at this point. She is officially the most At Risk person I know. Well, so far she sounds fine at least...? I guess we'll see next week :/

I spent lunchtime on hold with my bank, because they sent me a new bank card and not the PIN number. After fifty minutes, the guy told me "eh, it's the same PIN, I'll just activate it." So of my shitty worries this week, that's two out of three down. I unfortunately still have one more to go, which is going to be "How do I get a prescription shot under these circumstances, or am I SOL?" Because ah, the issue I get the shots for is Acting Up.... and I say this as a new agoraphobe: I'm actually willing to risk death to see if I can get this shot rather than deal with the problems no shot is going to cause. I'm technically not due to get it for another few weeks, but I'm living in fear on this one so I might as well suck it up and ask early...but not today, I can only handle one huge non-work issue a day. Someone mentioned to me online that there might be an issue to have someone mail me a subcutaneous shot that I could do at home on my own, which I would totally do. If there's any kind of option that doesn't suck....

I got asked if I was willing to work overtime to deal with the portals. I said the polite version of HAHAHAHAHAAHAH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to that, giving an answer more like "I'm having enough issues holding it together for 40 hours a week" and my boss was all, "I hear ya, sister."

I spent the afternoon just doing more emails and portals rather than stuff I need to do for my job. I got through a lot more of them today, so that's nice. I really did just stick to ones I know the answers for though. If it went into weird territory that would take a lot of time and effort and I know nothing about it, then forget it. I'm getting the low-hanging fruit/stuff actually in my areas of expertise. So I mostly stuck to easy shit. I got a few "will this event go on?" emails, to which I was all, "well, I have no insider information, I expect we'll both find out the same way, on the Internet," followed by "well, given what I've seen on the news, I wouldn't spend money on fancy clothes or plane tickets if I were you." I know some people love to be optimistic, but how the hell can you still think that any events will be going on in June and that everyone will be fine to gather in large groups by then? I know you don't want it canceled, but per a song I heard online, everything is canceled.

I'm catching up on my CW shows and now the ads have finally caught up with the coronavirus, apparently, with a "new normal" ad for State Farm. I was actually fine with it. Meanwhile, I am getting spammed by one of my credit unions and I want to be all, I know you gots to make the moniez, but seriously, I'm not doing any of that crap. Now doesn't seem like the time to buy a home.

I did walk around for 90 minutes today while watching more YouTube (for obvious reasons of stress, I didn’t yesterday). I watched videos of Lady Gaga on various talk shows. I would like to point out that EVEN LADY GAGA ISN’T DRESSING UP WHILE IN QUARANTINE. She’s got roots, her hair is in a bun, the glasses are on, she’s in a T-shirt in one video. If anyone complains about my lack of fun clothes (these days, wearing my rainbow hoodie IS dressing up), I will cite Lady Gaga.

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