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Harold Night

2015-04-08, 10:51 p.m.

It was a good day outside of work. I am getting free life coach counseling (yes, seriously, for training purposes), and I went to a Harold Night. I'll start with the latter since I just got back from that.

So one of the perks of going to comedy school is that you can go see a free show almost every night of the week. The teacher recommends (heavily) that we go see "Harold Night" on Wednesdays, which is followed by "Gordon Night," the development team that finished Improv 201. (My classmate's daughter that looks like Tina Fey is in that one, so I have now seen her perform.) So five of us from class, including the aforementioned dad, were there tonight to check it out. The two Harold teams and the one Gordon team were pretty big--6-7 people, with at least two girls in each one, so that's good. I wonder how many teams there are total and how often they perform?

Funny stuff I recall:
* The "frenemies," in which one guy REALLY wanted his frenemy to know how much he loved/hated her, so he got her a card that says KILL YOURSELF, a pit bull straight from the fighting pits, and took her to a magic show to get sawed onstage.
* After one girl told a story about how she didn't learn how to put food away in the fridge until a roommate taught her, there was a running gag about a guy who stored food items and other things all over the house at random, "like hide and seek." The spaghetti sauce is under the sink in the bathroom in a bag, the toilet brush is in the fridge...later he's a doctor pulling a phone out of someone...
* A guy who, when moving, would insist on taking random stuff like the freon out of the fridge first, the lights out of the TV, the erasers off the pencils...
* A comedian doctor, this story came after a guy talking about how his doctor was totally baby-bingoing him. Oops, left the buzzer on for the proctology exam....
* Chinese fire drill--just running around on stage, but it was based on a guy trying to do that and ah...grabbing someone who WASN'T his friend.
* A guy who went to jail for doing too many pranks advising another guy not to do that...and they go to jail anyway...
* Everyone inhaling at an oxygen bar.
* A girl who's too afraid to cross a street....who later becomes the girl too afraid to deal with boys in a bar.

It was fun good times for all.

In other news, the life coaching thing is a freebie because I am being a guinea pig for training purposes for a class. I like my counselor so far, she's fun to talk to on the phone and after she found out all of my various activities, she seemed to think I was a really fun person. (Which is nice to hear about after my day job.) Anyway, what we eventually focused on was trying to find ways to get paid while doing things I actually like, even if I am not the world's greatest candidate for running my own business. Specifically, see if there's some way I could say, get paid craft gigs somewhere other than my volunteer job, at least. So I should look into that, even though that might not be super likely either.

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