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A Million Irritating LIttle Things.

2006-04-10, 10:10 p.m.

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The last week, but ESPECIALLY TODAY, has been full of nothing but little things irritating the shit out of me.

(a) My bank card expired. They have yet to send me a new one. I keep calling and calling about this, and they won't do anything about it until Tuesday because two weeks later counts as "seven business days in the mail." Meanwhile, I keep getting tons of mail from the bank that is NOT my bank card, FOR my new bank card. Getting a PIN number for the card I don't have today, plus an ad for another credit card, BUT NOT THE CARD ITSELF IN THE MAIL, was the last straw.

Oh, and guess when bills are due?

And I need to deposit a check, but can't make it in person to the bank until next Saturday.

(b) My new work computer crashed ELEVEN TIMES today. Ever since I got it, it crashed about four times a day. It had to be rebooted when I walked in the door, had to be rebooted within a half hour of that, had to be rebooted after lunch because any time it sits idle for longer than a bathroom break it crashes.

But today, it had to be rebooted four times apiece on the morning and post-lunch shifts, and the tech guys can't fix it other than to delete the error logs. (Don't ask me what that has to do with anything.)

This brand new spanking computer is a total piece of SHIT and the worst machine I ever saw in my life. Am I doing any work at work lately? NO!

(c) I am doing really irritating nitpicky shit at work. Or at least, I would be COULD THE COMPUTER NOT CRASH.

(d) The crochet project I have been trying to do, I have had to give up on. I am just not comprehending the instructions. Why must crochet patterns be written in cryptic 2-letter code instead of English? I'd pay more for a book if it was already translated FOR me, dammit.

(e) I took glass sculpture class tonight. I made a flower. It broke.

(f) Found out the glass sculpture teacher is leaving for good after this quarter, which sucks. (At least I got in this time at the last minute.)

(g) Everyone in support group is generally cranky.

(h) I lost my shit yelling at Mom out of sheer bad mood tonight, because I did NOT want to have to talk to her tonight, but I had to anyway.

I cannot calm down. I'm trying to get drunk and eat ice cream. It's not really working.

The only thing that went wrong that worked for me today was that despite my doctor not rewriting my prescription that I had to pick up today AND her not being in today, the nice nurse made arrangements for me to get it anyway instead of telling me to come back next Tuesday.

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