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Free Microwave!

2014-04-12, 10:04 a.m.

I have a free microwave!

Let me explain: around a month ago, my microwave suddenly decided to burn ramen. It smelled like smoke around here for quite awhile, and even after the smoke smell around here died down, it still smelled whenever I opened the door. It melted some of the plastic along with the too-crunchy ramen and in general, I was afraid to use it again.

So I just kinda hedged about making the decision for a few weeks and just used my oven more, and didn't really commit to making a decision about it until they put a flier on my door saying there was a free disposal of large electronics such as microwaves going on last Saturday. After asking on the Internet to see if anyone else had had this problem and what they did, I got an answer of "Well, we could use it, but it never did stop reeking of smoke and that was disturbing." So I got rid of it last weekend.

I've occasionally looked at microwaves since then but never actually uh, committed to buying one. I'll probably be spending my money on car repairs for the next two months and who knows how much that's going to be racking up....and besides, it's not exactly the most sexy purchase to be making.

So anyway, I apparently managed to put it off long enough that it all worked out for the best, because I came home on Wednesday to find a note on my door saying they were going to install a microwave above the stove. FREE MICROWAVE! CONVENIENT! Stalling worked out after all!

In other news, I have been FREAKING PERFECT at work all week. No, seriously, perfect. I have not gotten in trouble (yet, anyway). Friday was a day with potential for serious meltdown because I had to work the counter for two hours upon opening, on the day when everything is due, followed by phone time. And I got some real lulus, for which I ended up calling in a bigwig manager for a lot. And finally I got a phone call that I couldn't do anything about (and apparently every other office the lady had called couldn't either), but she LOVED my doing Perky Phone Voice. Like I got a lot of compliments on it. GO FIGURE. People in my office are razzing me about being fake since they know what I actually talk like, but since I've gotten enough crap for my Bitchy Resting Voice over a phone, I will by god PERK PERK PERK until you want to throw up so I don't get in trouble for the BRV any more. So there.

And last night Merry's husband had to go to something that he couldn't drag her along to (or more specifically, she was unable to get time off from the new job to go to), so she hung out with me all night. We had fancy drinks, then a scrumptious meal, and finished off with frozen yogurt. We also ran into Jamie and her mom at the restaurant and chatted back and forth, and I have arranged to go hang around with her/them (I think her mom's going too? We were talking about dog events, but I never quite got a yes or no there) tomorrow at Picnic Day. Huzzah!

I also bought new headlights for my car. I decided to try to do that before meeting up with Merry/before Napa closed, but hoo boy, driving around downtown was scary and filled with people. And then the nice fellow helping me replace the rear light had some debate as to what kind of light bulb to put in there, but it was eventually fixed. Huzzah!

As for today, I went to Picnic Day with Jamie and/or her mother (they switched off on doing activities throughout the day). Saw the parade, Battle of the Bands, and the Doxie Derby. Went honey tasting and the honey was delicious and I got some. I got a free grape plant at Merry's request. It was all good times.

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