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Barrettes On The Floor

2003-04-20, 9:08 p.m.

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The weekend update:

I found out on Friday that my doctor had called in some more prescriptions for me. On Saturday morning while I was still passed out, Mom decided to go pick them up. I was rather pissed off to find that when she got home that the drugs in question were new antibiotics and some decongestant. These were supposed to give me nausea, headaches, and big sleepiness. AND they were horse-sized pills. AND they HAD to be swallowed whole!

I bloody well TOLD her the last time I was in there that I cannot swallow pills. No, I can't just try again, they won't go down. I couldn't swallow a birth control pill, much less horse pills 4 times a day. So I throw a shit fit, and Mom calls the pharmacy while I'm having said cow, and the pharmacy guy says, "Well, they have to be swallowed whole or they'll really make you nauseous."

At this point I said forget it, cough or no cough I (a) can't take these, (b) if I try to take these, I'll throw them up either way, and (c) that will do no good. And at any rate, given the tiny trash cans at work that aren't taken out for days and bathrooms located up or down two flights of stairs from my office, I can't afford to be nauseous there with the gag reflex from hell.

Drugs suck.

I didn't much like having my weekly Sunday coughing fit at their house. Not only did Mom force me to take some cough syrup that made me pass out (didn't really affect the cough), she had to ask Aunt Susie if she thought I had asthma, since everyone in the family but Mom (and me) has it. Of course, she thought I had because I had any cough at all, even though I don't respond to albuterol (inhaler med) or have any other symptoms. This annoys me.

After that, well, I got all my hair chopped off. Yeah, it's actually done. And about the same style as the ones I linked earlier, only with blondeish red color. I wondered about the hairdresser Mom took me to, but she did exactly what I wanted, which gets BIG props from me. Sadly, I have no pictures, as Mom will have to get them developed and on CD for me first.

It looks good...but I am thrown off. I don't feel or look like me. People probably wouldn't recognize me at this point (which actually I think is rather a fun idea). Shaking my head feels weird. I put on a backpack and get baffled at not finding hair to move to get it out of the way of the straps. I keep thinking back to childhood stories I read where long-haired characters got their hair chopped for one reason or another. Like the newly shorn Turtle Wexler in The Westing Game (normally wore a braid, until hers caught fire and necessitated a haircut), I keep being weirded out by the rush of hair around my face. And I keep thinking of Henry in Anastasia's Chosen Career, who had long hair that she put up with butterfly barrettes. In the book, she's at a makeover clinic, and they get the idea to cut pretty much all of her hair off. At first, Henry freaks when they drop her butterfly barrettes to the floor, and the hairstylist is all, "Honey, those butterflies are going into permanent hibernation." That's about what I feel like. No more styling my hair any more. Most of my collected for long, thick hair implements are useless now. I can't even do a little ponytail, or anything other than little barrettes. It's so frigging weird!

I haven't had my hair this short since third grade. It's one of those do's described as "sassy" and "adult," I guess. I guess it's easy to style, but if I'm actually going to bother styling it, this would require me blowdrying my hair, and I am lazy. So who knows on that. At least the weird ripples and hair bulges that have developed from the hair-falling-out-ness are now hidden, which is good. I don't have to wear barrettes every single day so my hair will look normalish. And it actually looks thick again.

So far, the hair gets rave reviews all around. Somehow that doesn't surprise me given how many people have whined about how I should cut all my hair off for years. I'm nervous about going out to work in it tomorrow. Perhaps I shall wear a hat.

Easter was pretty low-key. Did some very messy egg-dyeing with some kind of tie-dye kit with Cassie and dyed our hands funny colors. Cassie, like me way back when, is in 4-H now and has bunnies. Two now, lops named Timmy and Snickers. She played with them a lot, let them run around, etc. They are SO CUTE and sweet, Snickers will even lick your nose. Cassie is so adorable with them. (Repeat after me) I WANT A BUNNY!

Kristen mostly kept to her room, and Alicia mostly studied frantically for a chemistry test. I watched a lot of cable TV, which is fun when Aunt Susie doesn't start yelling at me to turn that trash off. *sigh* Or the movie isn't interrupted by a meal.

Alicia has a boyfriend now and he came over for Easter dinner, which was surprising. Nice fella, big brawny guy that you'd figure she'd go for. Much to my amazement, Mom said that Alicia had told Aunt Susie that the guy was "just a friend." I totally understand telling that, but I'm all, "Uh, she called him her boyfriend several times in conversation at the dinner table, and they were holding hands at the dinner table. Am I the only one who's not blind?" As far as I'm concerned, good for her. Though perhaps I shouldn't mention this to Dave because he would get jealous of the invite over.

In other news, I got a call from Anna on Saturday night saying that she was going to be in Davis for Whole Earth Festival weekend for a birthday party, and was I going to be in town? She wants to meet Dave too. This should be fun.

In more nervewracking news, I will have both my parents and Dave around for my birthday. Negotiations for that er, worked out. So um, eep? Oh well, at least I'll get Dave for a bit longer, plus some er, birthday fun.

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