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All Hail The Glow Cloud!

2018-04-23, 10:19 p.m.

So tonight I went to my third showing of Welcome To Night Vale, the live show! Tonight's show was "All Hail," featuring the glow cloud, which I have an odd fondness for and bought a Tshirt of it.

The last time I saw a Night Vale live show, Ghost Stories, I was really touched by the surprise depth of it, the touching bits. Same goes for this show as well. In this show, the glow cloud finally...

Look, I saw the third to the last show and they're gonna put it all online soon and nobody reads this blog but me any more so I can find my records of weird shit that happened to me, WHY NOT JUST SAY IT?

Anyway, the glow cloud finally possesses Cecil, and it has to say.... Look, I'm not really into the whole worship thing, I'd really just like to have a conversation, okay? Also, the dropping dead animals thing is a medical condition, and I didn't kill any of the animals, I love animals, especially turtles! And then the glow cloud proceeded to talk about how everyone should love each other and whatnot and it was very sweet, and oh yeah, Susan needs to pick a date for the bake sale already.

Aw, the glow cloud speaks! And it just wants to be friends! I'll chat with you, glow cloud! So that made me go "awww" inside.

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