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Easter Birthday

2011-04-24, 9:00 p.m.

So, Easter Birthday! It went pretty well. It was something I was pretty psyched about because this is the one time that will ever happen in my lifetime (seriously, Easter is only this late every 60 years or so). Too bad it didn't happen when I was a kid, mind you, but better late than never, I guess.

Anyway, despite the circumstances of having to spend at least part of the day with apathetic relatives, and being Too Old, I wanted to have one old school kid holiday birthday, dammit!

Lesson learned: if I am going to do Easter stuff, I'd better do it on my own before going over to the relatives'. Yes, I had an egg hunt at my house and I am not ashamed of doing it at my age. Why? Because Adult Holidays are boring as hell. Adult Holidays is going to my aunt's house while literally everyone passes out on the couch. You know what? I don't care if I'm being Peter Pan (yes, I got called that). Adult Holidays are dull, so by god, I'll do the kid stuff. Hell, I even dyed eggs on my own at the end of the night. Yes, it's silly to dye eggs at 10 p.m., but by god, I did it.

Anyway... I got books, gloves, CD's, huge gift certificate to Michael's, and a wee bit of jewelry from Jess with an extremely nice letter. Wowza. I'm keeping it in my wallet-type thing. We went out to get crepes for breakfast/lunch (nice compromise between when she wanted to go and when I did there), and then went out to Sacramento for a craft and flea show under the highway. It was pretty cool. I got some awesome flower rings, another lucky bamboo plant and some water beads for it (yes, I killed my first lucky bamboo, I'm giving it another shot), and a gorgeous red T-shirt that I am going to cut up into something pretty. It was good times.

My aunt's house, as you probably already gathered, was the usual. They had a healthy diet meal and then fancy cupcakes. I wished I could sample all of them, but uh... they did not like my saying that. Sigh. Oh well, whatever. This is the one time this is ever going to happen anyway.

A few years ago, my shrink came up with the idea that I make some kind of birthday craft thing. Something that gets started on, and presumably finished on, the actual day. I did a paper bead bracelet the first year, which was a really good idea. The next year I attempted a May Day headband, which took me a week and worked not so well, though at least it was done by Beltane. I can't recall what I did the year that I was flying to Disneyland on my birthday. I attempted some hand jewelry (that's my best description of it, like those "foot thing" beaded doodads) last year, which as I recall actually got done, but who knows where they are around the house. This year I wanted something to commemorate a holiday birthday. I figured a wearable item was kind of dumb under the one-time circumstances, so I should do something... else?

The idea I had was kind of like the idea of a Girl Scout patch or badge. It's something I toy with periodically and it never really gets anywhere. But what I ended up doing was poking around Ravelry and finding patterns for an egg potholder, a little basket, a little bunny, and a cake, making them flat and then sewing them all together into a design. In retrospect, I wish I'd used slightly less blendy yarn (I used a white/multi-colored yarn, yellow, pink, blue, and white for the whole thing), but oh well. I actually finished whatever it was during the day, so that's good.

All in all, not a bad day.

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