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Another Jewelry-Buying Spree

2003-05-11, 8:11 p.m.

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The weekend was, for the most part, luverly.

While waiting for people to come, I happily went shopping, shopping, shopping. I ended up getting some more ear spiral earrings, a beaded choker, and well, that horrendously expensive bracelet I was looking at at the Harvest Festival that miraculously turned up here again. I figured if I had thought about it that much after seeing it, I might as well.

Dave came into town around when the festival started shutting down, and we ended up waiting around not doing much while waiting for Anna to show up. Eventually we gave in and went to go eat... she apparently didn't get into town till around 10 p.m., so no get-together.

Did get called the next morning to go see X2, which I loved. However, this er, group get-together thing...was weird. There was me, Dave, Anna, the two girls she brought from SLO, the birthday girl and her boyfriend...and the last five of those really didn't feel like doing anything post-movie beyond getting food and going home to sit in front of the TV. Dave kept hinting about going to WEF and they all kept studiously ignoring him. Yes, Davis can be dull, but man, on a day when A BIG ACTIVITY IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING IN TOWN THAT DAY, and you're out of towners who haven't seen the place before... and all you want to do is sit at home?!? Wandering downtown got voted down in favor of sitting at home, even. How pathetic is that?

*sigh* I guess these were Conventional Girls. Denise and I were having a conversation about whether or not I know any normal people or not, and I said that normal is boring? Well, these folks gave the impression of being perfectly normal. Dave was off in some hyper mode around strangers and they probably thought he was evil for all I know. I just did my default around-strangers behavior and kept my mouth shut. Finally, I said "Uh, how about we meet up later, I'll go take him to the festival."


Taking him was fun- he got a couple hats and I got him the dragon ring that I'd wanted to get him last year that he wouldn't let me get then. I got myself a claddagh pendant. He got me a glass pendant and a tie-dye velvet top.

Clubbing that night went okay- there were about 14 people this time and really, there wasn't anyone who knew everyone there- but then again, with loud music and dancing there is no need for conversation. And yay dancing!

As for Sunday, I put on my new purty outfit from last weekend and headed well, back to Whole Earth. Dave had been complaining again that he's never as spiffily dressed as I am, so I pulled out a dyed silk vest I got there one year and said, "Would something like this do?" I brought him down to the vest guy, who offered to make him a custom vest.

We also ran into my friend Denise and hung out with her for awhile. This seemed to go well, phew.

I am starting to wonder if I am getting the perhaps-inevitable(?) allergies that go along with asthma. Because while I normally don't react much outside, that weekend I just kept sneezing and sneezing. On Sunday I couldn't go 30 seconds without desperately needing to rid myself of a vat of snot. Bleeech.

Seeing Margaret Cho was hilarious. She is the Queen of TMI, folks. Quite an experience to be sitting around in the enormous Rich Foofoo Center and hearing someone talk about how eating nothing but persimmons for six months will give you immediate diarrhea during a traffic jam. Or alternately, hearing about how a pregnant friend of hers' "pussy exploded!"

The latter led to an argument with Dave going home about pregnancy (again) and how he thinks that pregnancy isn't really hard at all unless you don't go to your doctor regularly and don't do what he says. Uh, yeah, RIGHT. We're so opposing here. I tend to think it's all awful and he always tends to think (usually won't even acknowledge, really) that pregnancy is a walk in the park. Oy.

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