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Good News, Bad News, and False Alarms

2010-05-12, 8:48 a.m.

So, it's been a good news, bad news last couple of days. I gather everyone else is having more unpleasant drama than I am--my shrink appointment was interesting because her previous two clients were suicidal and one of the first things she said to me was, "Tell me you're not suicidal." Nope, I'm fine, thanks. It was a pretty nutty session, though, she was all fired up during it.

On Friday, I got notice that we were having an emergency meeting (which is to say, mandatory and not scheduled months in advance) on Monday morning. Naturally that kind of ruined the weekend for me having THAT hang over my head like an anvil. Was it going to be the one where they started canning people? Did they find another way to legally cut our pay some more or for longer? I attempted to hold off on my WEF spending--actually I did a good job and had it not been effing Mother's Day weekend it would have been better--and try not to think about it too much, but...ugh.

Turned out someone got another promotion. Nothing bad at all. On the one hand, WHEW does not even begin to cover that. On the other hand, you know, I would have rather they not been so effing secretive about this shit or at least passed the word along that the meeting wasn't about anything bad. It's bad enough that we all kinda have to live in fear on a general level (orange alert!) these days without dangling the red alert over our heads like a threat.

As for Whole Earth this year, I had fun on Friday bumming around. I bought myself an awesome tie-dyed skirt. Otherwise I stayed pretty cheap-got some earrings, got some rocks, got some beads, and got another skirt for $10, go figure. So that's well-behaved for me.

Saturday I worked the booth again. I used to make about $100 for two days of work at WEF. Last year I did it for one day and made about $50. This year? $16. Which is better than my poor table partner who made nothing, mind you. I was trying to go into it with a more laid back attitude--don't stare at the customers and secretly get mad if they walk off, concentrate on making more jewelry behind the desk...but I still do the same mental shit every year about getting annoyed when my friends selling jewelry sell more than I do.

But you know what? Working the booth really isn't fun, and for how little money I make now, it is just not worth my time. I've spent years trying to convince myself that I want to start a craft business, but...dear god, I don't enjoy it.

As for the usually dreaded Mother's Day drama, it went okay. Mom eventually showed up to WEF Saturday at 5 p.m. and bought a few things and didn't bitch about it being "dirty" or whatever. She checked out the public art and liked it. The next day we went on the home and garden tour again--which was pouring rain for most of it, but oh well. We saw some cool houses, two of which did ah, interesting things with Barbies. Alas, I'm not going to get around to downloading pics off the camera for ages, so no photos here. But other than having a really effing slow hour between 3-4 p.m. where we wanted food or something to do and kept coming up short, it stayed pretty drama free. Huzzah.

I didn't miss a single question on the written permit test yesterday. Even the new questions that of course I hadn't heard of At All Whatsoever before, go figure. Even funnier was that I filled out the darn thing in about two minutes (yes, I looked at my watch) because I had 95% of the questions memorized by now.

So that's the good news, that I don't have to take the darned thing again for another year. I'm still holding on to my notes and test, of course, for next year.

I say this because attempting the driving test again...well, guess what, that's going on hold even beyond the both of us being out of town in June. Elsa's husband has apparently come down with some sort of mystery disease requiring heinous testing, and WebMD and the like are not helping diagnose it. Other than "we don't think it's cancer," it's a mystery. So...yikes and badness.

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