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Fun With A Rental Car, Day 2

2012-05-19, 10:04 p.m.


I had made plans with Monica to hang out all day. I hadn't figured out where to go with the car for practice yet and she had ideas. (Because really, if you're gonna do a long drive all Sunday, it would behoove you to figure out how to work the car before then.) So we went to the rock shop in Vacaville--where I got MOAR ROCKS--and the antique mall in Suisun City, where I only got a book. Then we went back to Vacaville to drive to Fenton's Creamery for a delicious lunch, then spent a lot of time in the bead store there. Again...spent way too much money in May. That's me for ya, I guess: no restraint. We then went to Joann's for Monica to get stuff and drove around the outlets looking for shoe stores. She found some suitable flip-flops, I didn't find anything I particularly wanted. Then we went back to town and did a whopping amount of grocery shopping, just because we could. Sometimes I think those without cars just don't understand the pleasures of "I can buy as much crap as I want without having to figure out how I will carry it all these blocks home!"

It was a really nice driving day. I wasn't freaked on the freeways at bloody all because Monica was in there cheerfully "taking me out of my own head." Or at least, I am not as paranoid about OMG CARS ALL AROUND ME AT HIGH SPEED AIEE while driving with company. Not to mention with her navigating, so I didn't have to worry about memorizing directions and how to read a piece of paper/phone GPS while driving. I drove smooth like buttah. I figured out the cruise control, lights, and how to open the trunk today, so good for me! (Seriously, you don't think about these things until it turns dark...or you put a ton of groceries in the car.)

It was a triumphant drive all around and a good time.

In other news that I forgot to mention Friday that is work-related, I shall be working 2 jobs at work again. This time it will be doing public service shifts in another office, sounds like 3-hour ones every day, for "um...until we figure out what to do about that situation." Which is to say, someone quit and my boss is all, "Hey, I know you're bored, so would you mind if I volunteered you for this?" No, I do not mind. Hey, anything new at this point... I don't know if I'll like it as much as my previous double-duty shift, which kept me at my own spot, but oh well. We'll see how it goes. I start training at 8 a.m. (choke--well, so much for pondering using vacation time the day after a long drive. Also, I hope I get the car dropped off in time to not miss a bus or anything 'cause it'd be really obvious if I'm suddenly late that day) on Monday to go into the other office after Memorial Day weekend. With nobody else around because everyone else who has worked on this thing is going on vacation. Gulp! Well, we'll see. I do plenty of "public service" at my volunteer job and nobody's killed me for that and god knows I know how to deal with pissed off people in a calm manner, so it should be okay.

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