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May Is Insane

2007-05-30, 4:02 p.m.

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Long time, no update. Mainly I haven't updated because life seems to be once again heading towards Crazyville, and at least some of it I probably shouldn't write about publicly due to Cover Your Assedness. I will just point you at this article instead, so you know what I've been getting to deal with. And man, I wish I could post the photos I took without getting my ass busted.

I am hoping that June would be less insane than May has been because May has been insaaaaaaaaaaaaaane. I thought things would die down after Whole Earth, but it has not. I am hoping that THEORETICALLY things will be less insane because classes end in a week, I'll be off from the CC and can get in some heavy gym time before going to Hawaii next month, and I am hoping to god I can have an actual weekend or even two in a row without seeing a relative. I can't remember the last time that happened (March?).

I think a fourth of the town has contracted some kind of Death Flu. Not me, happily, but a good portion of the folks I know had it last week or this week. Including my shrink. Which is particularly annoying because did I mention that May has been insaaaaaaaaaaaane?

May is apparently Exes Old Home Month, or something. At the beginning of the month, I spotted one ex's name in a byline in a freebie magazine. This was downright weird because he was not a writer. I don't know for sure if it's him or not (he has an unGoogleable name along the lines of "John Smith," even when you throw in an initial and slightly kr8tive spelling), but that was strange. I doubt he moved into this area, but it makes you wonder.

Then Dave e-mailed me. I didn't write him back. I feel bad about this because I normally don't like being rude, but on the other hand, I am definitely happier not knowing specifically how depressing his life is now. I hate to say it, but I think I hit my limit on hearing about that. It somehow all boils down to massive amounts of "ow."

And then in the oddest coincidence of all, I ran into the college ex in a restaurant in a town neither of us lives in. He seemed to be doing all right, albeit a lot less dressed down than he used to be (*boggle*), and he has "mostly" moved elsewhere. Much to my surprise, considering that this is the ex that I gave him the most reason to hate my guts (I acted so embarrassingly awful towards him in the year after we broke up that he stopped speaking to me), he doesn't. As in, actually Googled me and the like and still thinks about me. Go figure. I am still not sure what to make of that one. Well, let's hope after 8 years he's doing better than the rest of 'em.

Mom has been mostly okay but kind of went wackadoo again on Monday- she came up here to my house/aunt's house for the 3-day weekend, originally claiming she'd be going back on Sunday night to avoid the traffic. It wasn't a surprise that she elected not to do that and crashed at my place instead. But what was a surprise was waking up to find out that she was going on yet another cleaning binge at my place. Honestly, for all the bitching she does about how her place is a mess, I'd rather she go THERE rather than root through my closets and yell at me. It seems a bit hypocritical, no? Also, if she must come to my place and go nuts rearranging things, I'd rather she frigging put up (or get rid of) the unassembled huge shelves she bought without asking me and then dumped on my floor. I can't even pick the dang things up myself to pitch them outside for the college freebie fairies to take away, and even if I Desperately Need Shelves, I am not IKEA and I don't put furniture together that's bigger than me. I got the other shelves pre-assembled, dammit. I yelled at her as such, but I know that won't make a dent.

I need to spend some dang weekends by myself this month. I'd be more worried about Hawaii, but (a) it's all hotels, so she can't go berserk-o over cleaning, and (b) having other relatives she likes around chills her out some.

Saw a lot of stuff of late as well.

I went to the Scottish Games in the olde hometown, which was amusing. I got to see Tempest and a band called Box O' Bananas play, and they were great. (The ensuing facial sunburn afterwards, not so much.) I got to see an inflatable pub, which was amusing. Of course, I picked up like fifty pounds of jewelry, because I do that. (I'm amazed I still have any money left at the end of May.) I watched guys in kilts throw heavy weights over a giant limbo bar.

I saw a production of Urinetown: The Musical. The Wikipedia entry pretty much tells you what you need to know, I suppose- "It's not a happy musical." Quite strange. Very fakey-syrupy in places (it is a spoof), but quite snarky, especially with the narrator. Plus, they used stuffed pink bunnies on stage. Heh. I kept thinking about having to go to the bathroom the whole time, even though I'd specifically (a) cooled it on liquids and (b) went before I went in. Mom kept claiming the theater smelled like pee. I don't think she liked it because "it was weird!" *sigh*

I also saw Waitress, which was quite cute. (Mmm, Nathan Fillion.) Keri Russell kicks ass in this movie. And I have to give some props for making the jerky husband both jerky, yet you get why he's acting the way he does. I was annoyed that "the nerd female character" was obviously hot, yet because she wears glasses, no man will have her and she settles for a guy who STALKS HER. Oy.

You know, I love that spring and summer have all these festival things going on. But on the other hand, I find myself looking forward to this coming weekend because other than Friday (very very busy), I don't have a massive amount scheduled. I think I will mostly go to the CC and do some sewing. Or just lounge around on my ass watching my neglected Netflix and birthday DVD's. Next weekend will probably be even duller. Woo.

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