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Why Are You Not In Theater?

2016-06-02, 6:23 p.m.

The news this week at work is that they are going to have to implement "Officer of the Day" starting in mid-June (the week I'm on vacation to move). We will only have to work counter shifts on huge rush days like at the beginning and end of the quarter and certain days in summer. However, what OotD means is that you will be on call for three hours at a time (either 10-1 or 1-4) and while a student technically mans the front counter, they will be pestering you the whole time at your desk to wait on people. I'm honestly not sure if this is an improvement or not, but there it is. I will probably only have to do 3-6 hours a week of that, presumably in the mornings, but we'll see. They handed out schedules this morning and then were all "oops, we have to redo this," so who knows.

My coworker has to schedule surgery either at the end of June or end of August. I don't know how we're going to handle that.

Mom's friend with the dog that said she'd help Mom after surgery? She's in the hospital in England right now, but we don't know for what, other than "at least a few days." Mom said she said something about "smug," I don't know if that's cute English vernacular for something or an issue with auto-correct, but now I'm worrying.

I slightly bumped a car while parking in the dark last night and literally by the time I got out of the car a dude was examining his license plate closely with a flashlight. "I don't think you did any damage." I just felt so stupid and embarrassed. I wanted to yell at him to back off, but I was so clearly guilty--plus the usual soul burdens of being a girl parallel parking while a guy watches and thinks you're a moron--I didn't.

On a similarly fun note, I saw an ex-friend in the post office and had to scrupulously ignore her because she does the same to me. God, I hate that.

You'll probably enjoy this experience.... I was at the CC and we had a substitute manager there that I really like, he does acting in the teen theater here (or did, I think he aged out at this point). Anyway, I was trying to finish something up and he and the other volunteers are all hinting conspicuously that they want me to do the dishes and none of the rest of them will, and I was just thinking, "can't y'all shut up for 30 seconds so I can finish typing this?" except of course they could not. So I dramatically started acting super perky and happy to do the dishes...which amused the heck out of the manager and he was all, "WHY ARE YOU NOT IN THEATER?!?"
And sadly, my answer to this was, "I tried, theater wouldn't take me." I told him how I auditioned in high school and college and never got in and gave up after college because if I can't even get in on the small leagues how am I going to get in anywhere else. He was sympathetic, said I should try auditioning for the musical theater company, he didn't think they were too picky! (I also said, "yeah, this is how you end up doing improv. They're less picky." ) It was an interesting moment there...

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