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Summer of Solo

2010-06-04, 10:59 a.m.

My spring has been busy, busy, busy. I've either worked or been in a class or at something or other pretty much every day of it. Yikes. So I pretty much insisted on spending most of the 3-day weekend at home alone, except for Mom briefly coming back into town after forgetting her wallet at my house, going out to buy food, and going to a free Shakespeare play (happily, the weather was nice enough for it). The Shakespeare play had a recycling theme (plus many random dance numbers), which was pretty kooky to look at. I loved the costumes with recycled bits thrown in, particularly the princesses wearing ties in their dresses (see below for why this was interesting).

I also wondered, watching the outfits, if I could attempt to make a fake Renaissance outfit out of nothing but T-shirts. I suppose so, since I've got both corset lacing and how to make long skirts down.

Mostly I wanted to spend the weekend working on various projects...though Sunday was mostly me lying around exhausted. Dear lord, when the neighbor upstairs busts out her goddamned noisy 2 and 4 a.m..... ARGHHHHHHHH. Oh well, at least that was on a weekend and not a weekday night like usual.

In other news... I am trying to come up with something to do this summer. Well, several somethings. My local friend group is breaking up. After tonight's farewell parties that I am attending, I will no longer have any regularly scheduled anything going on that gives me an excuse to see anyone. My closest friends in town that aren't leaving are most definitely going to be Too Busy with work/projects for friends, as far as I can tell from their summer plans. Bizarrely enough, I don't think this is a subtle friend-dumping for once, but I'm not going to be counting on getting ahold of them unless they let me know they're suddenly free. I'll only have 1/2 weeknights per week booked with anything, and that is pretty low for me.

The phrase "Summer of Solo" came to mind last night while talking with one of those friends about how superbusy she's going to be, and well...yeah, pretty much. It's gonna be a loner summer for me. I'm not doing anything terribly exciting other than the family vacation from hell in a couple of weeks, and then that's it.

I have always been impressed with those people who do something different in summers. God knows I never did anything drastically different or interesting. If I worked during the regular year, ditto summer, ditto summer school, never had a summer romance (okay, that's no surprise), it's not really any sort of drastically different time period for me.

So starting during the 3-day weekend, I have been trying to come up with...something. I did a Summer of Crochet a year or two again and that was nice. What else can I do?

For example:

1. I like the idea of doing a summer challenge. I started trying to make a list of things I haven't done in this town yet.... except well, I've done almost everything, and my lack of transportation (even worse in summer when the busses don't run much) is An Issue. So my list of potential activities came out pretty lame.

2. Continue working on this evil skirt. Though it is going a lot less evilly now since I started it over for the third time. I've got over five inches done on it (thought it still takes me 25 minutes to do one row). It may even get done someday. Summer Of Evil Skirt?

3. I'm currently trying to figure out how many Agatha Christie books I've read. I read whatever ones I found around the house as a kid and figured that I've probably read half of her oeuvre. Back in the day I figured I wouldn't read them all anyway because well, eventually I would run out of her books, and wouldn't that suck to have no more new AC's my entire speed-reading life?... Yeah, I dunno about my logic of this. But so far it looks like my estimate of having read about half of 'em (the novels, anyway, it's harder to keep track of the short story publications and plays). I think I may plan to get ahold of whatever ones I can find in the library and up my count.

4. I keep talking about designing my own tarot cards. If I ever figure out a way to do this without doing it in the way I want to (i.e. collage, but I don't want to deal with the legal crap), in a way that's bearable for me to do (i.e. I really don't want to hand draw cards because I can only draw things from real life well). I feel like I am hitting my head against a brick wall on this topic, though.

5. I am also pondering making an outfit out of my dad's tie collection. Though this one kind of scares me. Hopefully I can figure out a way to make it without making it so form-fitting that when I eventually get fatter I can't wear it any more. I would be very sad if that happened with his ties the way that my boobs grew out of my homemade corset years ago during puberty #2 (I wish I was kidding on that). Tricky stuff to figure out...

6. Figuring out ways to become more psychic!...Yeah, I know that one's kinda crazy, but what the hell, I'm a hippie. And much as I don't enjoy meditation, I should go back to doing it regularly again. I recently downloaded some sort of binaural beat mp3's that are supposed to help with this sort of thing, so we'll see if that helps.

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