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Sheep Grazing

2023-06-09, 9:50 p.m.

In office day. The stalker left me alone all morning but was at me again right after lunch. NewBoss told me "don't respond to him," and he contacted me directly demanding that I respond to him that I processed his paperwork, which NewBoss told me not to do. Because I knew the fucker wouldn't stop until he got what he wanted, I wrote back (cc'ing New Boss and all other authorities) saying that per NewBoss, I can't do any other processing until Other Office does their part. Lady in the other office replied RIGHT QUICK telling him he has to wait around on processing and she'll let him know. He shut it for the last few hours of the day, as far as I know.

NewBoss also told me that since we're short staffed yet again, I have to man the chat channel Tuesday (fine) and be "backup" for the front counter on Friday because apparently it will only be me, her, and one part timer in the office. I am less thrilled about that, but Friday should be a total dead day here--nothing going on and a lot of people will be out of town. So hopefully nothing happens.

We did have an office party for departing part time employees for those of us in office, which meant free cookies and chicken and a showing of the live-action Little Mermaid Musical (???) on Disney Plus. This was pretty entertaining for everyone, especially those who hadn't actually seen anything LM. This is a mix of watching the animated movie, combined with very showy live action with celebrities. Pretty good so far, I must say. I may go finish it later.

During break, I went out for the last day of sheep grazing and ran into Alison from my old in-person knitting group at the senior center. She's now moved out of the sticks and moved a few blocks away from me ("someone shot at me") and said last time she went to watch this, she was going to bring her spinning wheel. She brought shawls and various demonstration-y things from doing Sheep to Shawl and was spinning yarn from the actual sheep there, which she said was pretty awful, actually. But it was good to see her, and we ended up with impromptu spin-and-knit-in during lunch and she saw other people she used to know. Well, hopefully I run into her again sometime.

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