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The Last Drink

2023-12-08, 4:09 a.m.

Today: woke up too early again (5-ish again), went into the office, it was quiet again, thank goodness. Had lunch with Rachel, so that was fun. I emailed the union guy (no reply as usual, but not really expecting one at this time of year) and the disability specialist about yesterday, who suggested just having Kaiser sign off on my medical issues/on their own form if necessary and not write down any accommodations and we'd add them in. I like this person. We shall see. I'll ask people later when I can.

I also emailed my doctor to say "I'm starting another drug, can I let you know if I react poorly to it," and sure, but it doesn't sound like I'm allowed to have medical leave again since I'm not "supposed" to have side effects that affect my work. Grrr, argh. The more I'm at work, the more problems, right?

I also heard from Jessica from Much Ado asking where I recommended to find hand knits to buy (the town craft fair next weekend, I said), asked how I was doing, and had to tell her my work drama, so...whee there.


* Bought a white elephant gift (a Baby Yoda lunchbox) for the Winters Christmas party next week. I have decided to buy nothing but Baby Yoda for gift swaps, because people actually want the baby. Heard back from Linda and she said it's fine to bring Ashley if she wants to go (maybe). We'll see if Ashley goes on the day or not...I need to remember to tell her I checked on this.

* Also bought new earphones for chump change at the same place. Saw chocolate advent calendars and wanted to buy one, but they were still $15! Geez, no December 8 discount? I never made it to any place with the cheap chocolate ones this year, darn it. Cost Plus is gone and I don't really go to Trader Joe's too much any more.

* I am trying to make a quickie Hanukkah star decoration chain for Loretta, but for obvious time reasons that has to be ASAP. I've finished making all the stars, but am spraying them with stiffening spray tonight so that's just waiting around.

Dawn told her husband she wants to get an RV today and it went well (as I would have figured), so I guess it's ok for me to gift her some kind of RV/trailer ornament, then!

* I got my prescription for Lexapro today, left work early to slog through traffic to get it. The pharmacist was all "take it whenever you want, morning or night, whatever," and "here's a free pill chopper," so that was awesome. I definitely checked that I can damage the pills, chop them up, etc. if necessary this time. I'd like to note that my previous prescription for Wellbutrin was 100 pills and this was like, barely 30, for the same amount of money. What's with that? I know it doesn't get refills because the doctor is leaving so that part didn't surprise me, but the short duration sucketh. I did turn in my Wellbutrin to the pill disposal box while there, though.

I am getting Drunk Tonight since I'm home alone and I presumably won't be allowed to get drunk once I start taking pills again :( I finished off my moscato and then started in on the fancy bottle I got from Alicia last Thanksgiving that I wanted to save for a special occasion, but I guess I give up on that., This, unlike the moscato, made me drunk pretty fast (I note I'm still cooking dinner so this is empty stomach drunk).

Having to chug this beautiful bottle tonight or else makes me sad. Not that I even get drunk much at all, mind you (and for me "drunk" may be like 2 drinks, depending on alcohol content and if I ate meat), but being told "it's not recommended" depresses me. I'd like to get more of a ranking from 1-10 from a doctor on the topic besides "not recommended, you might have some kind of issues." Like 1 being a scale of "it'll be like normal non-medicated drinking" and 10 being "you will immediately die if you have a drop of alcohol," how bad would it be to have a glass at karaoke occasionally? I just want to have some ONCE IN A WHILE, and not be all, "I can't drink, my medication!" the rest of my life, as opposed to "I'm driving," which I have less issue with. Ashley said we can support each other since she isn't supposed to be doing it either...though I note she still sometimes does it.

Uckadoo, it's 7:42, I started eating food, I'm kinda done with the drinking and I still have a fourth of a bottle to clear out. Bummer. Heck, it's made me sleepy...or else that could just be my waking up at 5 a.m. the last few nights and waking up off and on for hours beforehand. Per my sweater tonight, I'm watching Hallmark Channel, but I'm doing it elsewhere. And now I am tired and going to bed at 8 tonight? Sheesh. Sorry this is such a boring entry, for me.

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