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Tour de Not That Great Craft Fair

2023-12-09, 11:33 p.m.

I seriously got so drunk (note: not really drunk, just cheerful and wobbly) I was sleepy at 8 p.m. This is not normal for me, but presumably all this insomnia might have something to do with it. So I rolled with it, went to bed, and was once again up at 3 a.m. Didn't even sleep till 4 to get 8 hours? Sheesh. I still have this bottle to drink up!...and I am done with drinking it, seriously had enough. Like I considered drinking it at 3 a.m. to go back to sleep, but couldn't take it. I don't even have a hangover, mind you, albeit I had some interesting dreams involving going to explicit stores with theater people I should probably not recount in public, and then they got even weirder from there (why am I at some place trying to get a kid's ashes out from under a giant seal sculpture? God, I hate dreams, they're so stupid.)

However, since I was up early, I finished Loretta's Hanukkah garland and wrapped my white elephant gift for the Winters Christmas party and made entirely Dawn's ornament. Go, me. Also tackled three Hallmark Channel movies, but I'm writing those up elsewhere this year. "To All A Good Night" is surprisingly good, btw.

I took my first half a Lexapro. I note it's so tiny that half a pill was no problem and frankly, a full one may not be a problem. I've been told to go halvsies for a week given my previous reaction, so it'll be a while. I wanted to cry at all the DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL stuff in the piles of papers, though. I did not notice any particular unusual effects so far. We'll see. Dawn said she had to start with half a pill for a week too.

After all of that, I got together with Dawn and Loretta (Dawn's husband is doing worse, she's afraid he's going to go into hospice soon level of worse...not sure what one can say to that, other than "let's have a distraction day" is what we do for her) for this year's Tour de Craft Fair. This year we tackled three new and smaller faires and to be honest, none of them were very good. One was a small one-person house fair that Dawn bought candy at. Not bad really, just small. The second one was a combination brewery/bookstore booth/food booth and that was kind of about it. They were supposed to have an ugly sweater contest but I didn't see that go down. I note I'm wearing my "humping reindeer" sweater and Dawn had on her Chewbacca Christmas onesie, which should have won anyway, but she's going around getting photographed with people in it, and checked Santa Claus and his wife now off the list.

After that we went driving around Sacramento to look at the decorated houses and take pictures. I got some Christmas Story, Grinch, minions, etc. houses but I think our favorite was the Star Wars house, with a Death Star on the roof and Dawn posing for pictures at it. Delightful.

Then we went to the new Wild Sisters bookstore as they have now moved location. I needed to get a book for the office book swap--I had the problem of having to look in genres I don't read too often AND find a book I can write up a recommendation for, and the store didn't have much on both fronts. Like the only other books I could find I'd read before in the requested genres (adventure fiction, crime fiction, or historical fiction) were No. 1 Ladies Detective Society, which I don't like the reading style of and neither did Loretta, or The Road To Wellville, which features a billion enemas, people having to chew their food WAY too many times, and vibrators. I finally got The Inheritance Games, a book series I can definitely plug. None of us liked the new location much, as it has no parking and we were told they moved there because it was bigger, but they didn't seem to be much bigger or using all that space and the organization was kinda sketchy. Oh well.

And finally--and this was my bad idea--I had heard of a new hippie craft fair at a ...rejuvenation center? Had some weird name, in Roseville. Hard to find, traffic around Roseville is weirdly crowded, it was out in warehouse territory, they didn't even have the business's name on there, and frankly...are they even in business? It was a mostly empty building with a couple of gyms, one classroom, and a bunch of professional psychics. We weren't at that one very long and it was kind of weird. By that point Loretta wanted coffee and Dawn wanted some Habit Burger and I was all, "um, I kinda need to get going...." Thankfully I made it out of there and even made it to dinner in Woodland on time. As for the presents, they asked to open them next weekend once theirs were ready, which is fair.

I will note that Dawn wanted to call her friend Mary in Colorado, who she somehow hit it off with instantly in person back in the day and now that they're long distance...I dunno. I wasn't that into her when I knew her IRL, she seemed okay, but she definitely sounds like she's gone pretty weird over the last few years. One of those people who's always having some kind of weird drama (okay, I can't judge), but kind of out of her own behavior, I guess? It sounds like Loretta said it was okay for Dawn to give Mary her phone number and sounds like she regretted doing so. Apparently this Mary wants to come out and help Dawn at some point but can't afford it/has no job, Dawn said to come out once Ron dies, and Mary absolutely cannot comprehend that, and Loretta tried to tell her the same thing and finally just gave up and hung up the phone because Mary could. not. get. that. after much repeated explanation. Honestly, I dunno how much of a help she'd be there. Dawn then said that Mary is bipolar, which, well. that might be the issue there.

After that, I went to Applebee's with the DMTC crowd. Steve/Jan, Dannette (Arthur was at some Disneyana event) and Alisa and Jillian (Jared is in Sound of Music in the South Bay). It was a fun time, originally everyone was ordering appetizers during the half off time and I got those delicious wonton tacos. Then people kept ordering more and more food and I was all, good lord, how are some people having like, three dinners here? Hell, maybe I should have ordered more wontons. (Then again, my part of the bill was $6, so hard to beat that.) Most of the conversation was recounting to Alisa and Jillian what musicals during the pandemic were like--mostly recounting/showing clips from Cinderella--and Steve was all, I AM NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN EVER and what if there's another pandemic? Not even then. I note that Dannette and I started knocking on the wood table at the same time there.

I did point out the sweater to Steve because he'd like it, he was pretty much "WTF" and then "You gotta show Hugo that later." Which of course I did upon request. Joining us later were Morgan and Hugo, Sage/Soji/Marin, Don, and a few other folks I don't know terribly well. I saw Isabel, Magnolia, Rachele and Natalie in other areas of the audience and said hi to them, talked to Rachel at intermission when she came out from backstage. I've already mentioned how good the show was previously since um, saw it last week, but I did notice that Scott, Eddie and another guy were doing some kind of shenanigans with the coffee in the teachers lounge in the first act. Scott and the other guy were fiddling with the coffeepot, the other guy was emptying something else into it and seemed to be...spiking? the coffee and then giving it to Eddie, who downed it in one long swig. Morgan also got fixated on this as well. Oh, and apparently a kid fell off the stage and I didn't even notice it, sheesh. (I'm told he's fine.)

Afterwards I said hi to everyone I hadn't caught after the show last time (Sherilyn, Katrina), said hi again to those I had, and did ask both Scott and Eddie what was going on with the coffee scene. Answer: the coffee's burnt, the other guy put sugar in there, and then they gave it to Eddie because he uh, seemed to need it because he's burned out. Eddie continues to be amused at playing a burnout teacher. Morgan said she literally didn't recognize him onstage.

As for Scott, we talked a wee bit more--I pointed out that Sage had on even more weird rockstar pants than he did in the show (lots of pockets and enormously long straps that must catch on everything), and he said as much on the pants. I asked how long it takes the guy who puts on the spandex pants to get into them (I'd ask him directly but don't know him and that just seems weird) and he said, "I think they're spandex." Then the president of the Woodland board came over to compliment Scott on how good of an actor he is and how they can't wait to have him back, and I wandered away.

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