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Let's Not Discuss My Career Goals

2023-12-11, 9:52 p.m.

Sleeping: about 6 hours, up since 4-ish, bleah but now that's the usual, sigh. Took my super tiny half a pill. Work day was quiet, thank gawd, and the one emergency Zoom meeting I had was just "oh hey, you got some mail, I'll leave it in the office for you," and for ONCE I didn't do anything wrong and OldBoss even said so, WHEW. Didn't get into trouble with anything else.

I did have to have a one-on-one meeting about my goals (usually something we have to do once a month), to which I was all "um, what's the point of this, then?" in my head, and indeed we did not discuss ANY goals, lololololol. About all we did was that she said that the giant org over GiantOrg wants everyone to fill out some survey, but I only had to answer about five out of 25 questions. Mostly I just answered questions like "I like to get stuff done" and "Here's what stuff we need to improve here," and "It'd be nice to have some compliments on my performance review for a change" (LOLOLOL YEAH RIGHT ON THIS ONE but she pretended that was an option out of politeness), but when it got to the career section about what our goals are, I was all, "Yeah, let's skip this one," and thus we did.

I heard from Union Guy, the grievance is filed, GiantOrg is fine with waiting until January 15 for me to come up with diagnosis and accommodations, we'll discuss how to handle things later once that all comes in, I have to sign a release for him to help me.

Other than that, it was another intermittent workload day. I finished looking up shawl patterns for my coworker Christine (or just plain pooped out after while) and sent her a list of manageable links and said let me know what she wants to go with. I also looked up more disability stuff on the Internet and how to prove diagnosis with medical records, downloaded or put in to download my medical records, etc.

After work, I finished the Tunisian crochet shawl I've been working on. I still have a lot of yarn left over somehow even though I made it to the length it said, so I'm kind of confused...but oh well? It's done, anyway. Colors are beautiful. Now what do I do?! Spent the rest of the night trying to figure out another project and watching "A Not So Royal Christmas," a movie made for the lulz if I ever saw one. Reminded me of the line from "Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812: "Balaga is just for fun!" and so is this.

I bought some random yarn at the thrift store the other weekend and was going through it, and I found a Mystery Object (not posted online yet) that looks like a rainbow extra large bike seat with flowers sewn onto it. It looks way too weirdly shaped to be a hat and would probably fall off most bike seats, and you wouldn't be able to sit on the flowers anyway. What the heck IS it?! I'm posting a poll somewhere to get ridiculous guesses.

Sorry my entries of late have been so dull. I'm sure something horrible will happen to me very soon to liven things up around here, because that's my usual life :P

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