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Focusing on Shoes?!

2023-12-10, 9:11 p.m.

Slept just under 6 hours last night. Couldn't even make it a full even six. Yay. Not. Took half of pill, day 2. Nothing noticeable happened, but at this point I'm not sure if I could judge if the insomnia is "worse" from pills or not now. I've had a few weeks to recalibrate my usual effed-up, no-pot-gummies sleep, which wanders all over the map. I guess if I start going 4+ days again without losing consciousness we'll know it's the meds again.

Am l going to do much today? Nope, not the plan. Watching stuff, making gifts, running errands. I knit a short bulky yarn flower scarf for Mom, finished the flower and scarf, and it's blocking and then I'll have to sew the flower on. After my singing lesson got canceled*, I decided to move up my going to Target for picking up stuff for the next holiday party. Asked Ashley if she wanted to go--both to the party and to Target--and yes and yes, so her parents dropped her off here and we tooled around Target and TJ Maxx. I found suitable non-perishable food (chocolate and brownie bites and sparkling ciders) for food, picked up a few personal items, and we got Starbucks. Ashley got a gift swap gift (an Encanto puzzle, I'm gonna go for it) and a Lego unicorn for herself. She also wanted a holiday sweater since she can't find her usual stuff in the house, and then at TJ Maxx we found a green tinsel-y hoodie vest with a star at the top. She went back and forth on it, but I convinced her to get it in the end and said it matches my tree dress and we can wear them together.

* I will never meet or work for the director at this particular theater, but she seems to have WIDELY varying reviews depending on who you talk to. Morgan says it's just people not taking her sense of humor well and Scott says she's fine and just high strung, but I can't help but think, "hey, maybe springing on someone THAT DAY that they need to show up for rehearsal earlier than they planned for might not go great?" DMTC only does that when someone's out sick the day of a show and we have to reconfigure the dance numbers and even then it's acknowledged that people still have work or whatever. You'd think for tech week they'd know ahead of time when to go.

After that I went to the library, got a few books, read/tried to dismember a bad project (sigh...furry yarn is awful), and once again tried to get through the Hallmark movie Christmas at Cherry Lane, which requires a whole lot of work to figure out how everyone knows each other and in what timeline. I swear I feel like I spent all day watching it.

Forgot to mention from last night:

* Mary Young from DMTC, the one that had the early 80th birthday party last weekend? A day or two after that, fell and broke her hip. She's out of Seussical, and she'll be in some rehab hospital on her actual birthday and is miserable. I feel very bad for her, albeit now I'm kinda glad the party already happened.

* Apparently so many old shows are touring these days that all theaters are having a hard time getting the licensing for any of them. Steve said of their original top choices for 24-25 year, about three contracts are done and they may not get the other three. I guess this explains why the same few plays are going around--Something Rotten, The Play That Goes Wrong, Damn Yankees (in 2024), etc. are having multiple performances per year these days.

Rae is throwing her birthday party a day early, ocean/mermaid theme, I think that's what she gets for her birthday, then. I found a unicorn mermaid pattern, but in Spanish, so we'll see there.

I bought Jackie's Christmas gifts--three of them, got it under $100. I figured it was just too hard to tell her I'd rather spend less money. She's also bugging me to commit to a date to get together and when will I know my schedule? HELL IF I KNOW since Mom has literally said nothing about Christmas plans, if any, and I'm presuming I'm going to give up my usual 2 weeks of vacation and work one of those weeks because I'll have plenty of time to relax and rejuvenate once I'm fired and they can pay me for those damn days. (At least it's all at home and the work load will be hardly anything, so I'll probably just be watching YouTube and knitting while I wait for stuff to come in, which it mostly won't be because most other offices at GiantOrg are all permitted to close on the dead weeks and mine isn't..) I'm not going to decide that until the end of the week. Then she wants to talk on the phone...*cry*

Later, Mom started texting. There's nothing quite like my mom asking over text how I am doing, I say I'm scared, etc....and her inexplicable response is to send me photos of her shoes. Five photos of the same shoes. Because she bought two similar shoes and didn't notice she had on technically a different shoe on each foot. She did not notice they were not quite matching, nor did any employees at the Famous Footwear outlet, so now she has to drive back here and buy the other pair.

Then she called me to argue, "Can't you just defend yourself there?" I said these people have written me up four times for blinds I don't close, and refuse to listen to me on that topic (I sent her photos of my coworkers with the same half open blinds, not being penalized), and don't write my coworkers up for the same thing. What good would it do?!

Okay, finishing up this entry, I'm off the phone with Jackie. She took the whole job thin1g well, said she's not surprised at my being fired but is impressed that I'm doing stuff/fighting back/getting diagnosed, etc. about it. So, that went well, thank goodness. And now I am tired and going to wrap this up.

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