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2023-12-06, 9:29 p.m.

Off and on waking throughout the night, at one point I dreamed my car got stolen in Sacramento, then had to remind myself, "this is a dream," again. On the one hand, it's probably good that I'm having dream sleep again because I can go a long time without having them or even being sure that I lost consciousness and slept at all. On the other hand, actual dreams suck and lie to you. I wish I was one of those people who had psychic dreams so they could actually be useful.

Yesterday I saw a post online from someone that had a crush on a disabled friend and wanted to ask them out, but wasn't sure if they should wait until the friend was better (essentially). This unfortunately gave me deja vu to me a few years ago. I guess the poster wasn't terribly into my post, but I said that hell, they might as well ask and get it over with and find out one way or another. They asked and the friend said yes! Well, I'm glad it worked out for someone.

Here is my new hat, with the apron: It's impressive this outfit has held up over the years, I suspect. I wear it 2-3x a season and it's kind of heavy with the battery packs, but it works.

Today was the office holiday party, albeit they have gotten weird about doing things like calling it a "party" (it has to be called an "advance," and please don't ask me why because I did not comprehend the explanation worth a damn) and we had to sit through a DEI discussion for two hours. The first of it was "high concept" vs. "low concept" and frankly I'm still not entirely sure how this is defined. It seemed to be "warm feelings and a lot of explanations" vs. "get to the point," and reminded me of Ye Olde "Ask Vs. Guess Culture" discussions of yore--indeed, this is all I had to add to the various discussions--and I had nothing else to say there. The other discussion was "what happens when someone continues to say your name and/or pronouns wrong" type stuff, which we certainly had more coherent thoughts about.

Beyond that, the catered breakfast was great, I got some good cookies, I brought that pie from Saturday's party and two of us ate it. It was okay, but not spectacular and then I had to take it all home. Oh well. Also, I'd like to note that a coworker of mine came in with his own Christmas tree hat from Michael's (probably more comfortable than mine) and I loved it and made sure we were photographed together.

As for the gift swap, memorable items were a Groot ornament, a balloon animal night light, a tortilla blanket, various games and puzzles, and a cow squishmallow. The Baby Yoda cups I brought were loved and stolen the max number of times, I did tell people where to buy them after since people said they wanted them .Yay. I got a crystal garden (stolen) that you can make little rainbow trees out of.

I had to work at home the rest of the afternoon, which was pretty well dead, thank goodness. I had not much workload came in, so I spent the afternoon looking for patterns for potential commissions from coworkers. One person, I found the photos but no patterns and they appear to be Portuguese designers, so um...I dunno there. The other one sent me her Pinterest board and I have been working and working and working my way through that.

I finally got called by Sacramento psych today, who booked me for 12:30 Tuesday with an, not a psychiatrist? For drugs? For a specific second opinion for a drug consult? (Why, yes, I did Google and no, they can't prescribe drugs.) Hmmmmm. I don't think I'm going to cancel the first one quite yet. On the one hand, I should prioritize the HMO I can keep vs. the insurance I can't. On the other hand, the Optum one worked a lot faster. And fuck if I know who's going to be cooperative.

After all of that, I went over to Ashley's, where we worked on a puzzle. It was super distracting and really helpful. She's been trying to come up with something to distract herself from her never-ending medical issues ("they found something wrong again!" like, daily), and the puzzle seems to have done it. Huzzah! We like, barely even watched the game shows tonight, that's how absorbed we were. Hopefully they don't put the puzzle remains away soon, but who knows.

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