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Dull Times In The Y.C.

2005-06-17, 2:25 p.m.

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So, Jess has finally finished her Dome trilogy set of books, and has gotten around to starting to work on the website for it.

I want to call your attention to a particular point on the author's bio, and not just because that's the part I got mentioned in:

"You'll forever be the snarky Chick Lit heroine to my wacky sidekick."

Hee. God knows we've said that a lot, especially during the last NaNo, when we were writing sister novels.

But lately... I must admit, this aspect of my character has pretty much petered out. Not a whole lot of drama of late, beyond the usual parental stuff (i.e. "Please, dear God, Mom, please stop talking about Dad's biological functions. Please talk about ANYTHING BUT that. Please, please, please." Yes, aren't you glad I spared you those particular rants?), and any time someone I know crashes a car, and sometimes I have teh angst. Kind of surprising, that my life isn't exactly going all The Y.C. of late.

It confuses me when this happens. I'm used to ducking lightning bolts. It makes me wonder when the next batch of them is going to hit.

And yet...I'm kinda bored.

I don't know WHY I'm questioning this, considering the general weirding of the world going on, the hell that is Saturn Return coming up next month, and my own personal weirdness attraction magnet will probably bring on some kind of horror fairly soon. And then I'll be all miserable and going, "Why was I whining about being bored again? Bored is GOOD! Am I a complete IDIOT for wanting drama?!" Um, yes.

Or maybe what I want is drama that's actually positive/hopeful for a change, rather than drama that makes me want to drink myself into a stupor. (Not that I am doing this for real, mind you.) But then again, drama doesn't usually fall into that category, does it?

I wonder if this is another Saturn Return thing. Wanting shakeups. Maybe I should head to the bookstore and go buy out the "Personal Growth" section?

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