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2019-06-21, 10:08 p.m.

All I will say about work today is that I spent the entire day mailing out stuff. I spent the entire afternoon mailing out a pile of crucial documents that will never, ever, ever, ever make it to their international locations because those people didn’t pay for tracking numbers. What a waste of fucking time and effort even trying to mail these out when I’ll just have to do it all over again (and in some cases, again and again) when they start complaining they never received it.

I don’t have the spare time to contact everyone and compile statistics on who actually receives these things (if anyone) any more (though maybe that’s a project for Temp Girl while she still waits for computer crap to be set up? Right now she’s dealing with the old documents for me), but man, it’d be nice to be able to say, “out of X # of people who had these mailed internationally, only 2 received them when mailed for free with no tracking numbers.” Or just plain make it a rule that they have to use special shipping even if it costs them a lot of money because this is not not not not working. Or if I was allowed to just say flat out “NOBODY RECEIVES THESE,” which I am not permitted to do because that’s not being “positive.” Think about it this way: if you see someone about to walk off a cliff, would you rather they say, “Oh heeeeey, you’d be so much more happier if you turned to your left” or “DON’T FALL OFF THE CLIFF! STOP!” I’d rather someone tell me to stop!

That is all.

As for the evening, Redhead Sarah decided to throw an impromptu solstice party (she and her female roommate are both witchy sorts) and invite everyone else they know of that ilk, but I was the only one who came. Ah well. So we had a nice chill dinner and hung out and had a safe fire pit thing going out in the back yard with s’mores for a while. I have been missing those sorts of folks in my life. We talked about astrology and I found out that not only is Sarah also a Scorpio rising, she’s only a few degrees off from me on that. So very cool and fitting. I feel like I need to talk to her about the joys of Uranus in Taurus because she’ll be going through the same stuff as me there. I know she’s interested in another dude who is moving back to my town and she wants me to vet him at some point, so I’m curious.

She invited Laurel, but Laurel had just picked up her mom’s ashes and I suppose was not in the mood. I did find out that Sarah is also invited to the funeral (or memorial or whatever the hell it technically is, Death Thing) next weekend. I’m vaguely debating asking everyone else invited if we all want to meet up together because I’d rather not sit at it alone when I have the potential to go Flashback Central during the event, but who knows. They’re all coming from theatertown, I presume (Scott doesn’t live there but does work there, I presume Cameron does both like Sarah does) and the Death Thing is here, so I am probably going alone anyway. Or maybe I’ll just hang around the door until someone I know shows up.

I also met her kids, who are cute and charming and friendly little blondes who remind me a lot of my baby cousins. Not that the kids will ever meet (I suspect my cousin and her husband probably should not meet Sarah, who is a lot more laid back in the parenting realm!), but I think they’d hit it off and it would be cute if they ever did.

However, this did lead to A Dilemma:
(a) at one point, one of them decided to take off his pants.
(b) at another point I walked by said kid watching a video on the computer amd touching his junk, at which point I thought, “Well, that’s foreshadowing for the future.” Sarah did not force him to re-pant--the kids seem pretty free-range.
(c) the kids had been feeding me grapes earlier in the evening and later on, Mr. Pantsless wanted to feed me a marshmallow. ETHICAL DILEMMA.

....yeah, I ate it. I don’t even know what to say about that life choice other than “it seemed rude and environmentally sucky to like, drop it in the grass.”

In other news, I am super annoyed at my tarot readings of late, as they are rather depressing. Just a lot of “waiting waiting waiting waiting” and/or “NO,” which I am beyond tired of. I am ready to move on and change in another arena (I’ve given up on trying to change my job, so let’s work on something else) and am tired of getting the same old fucking answers I’ve always gotten all my life. I’m just saying: if other folks can have stuff change on them for the better later in life, without having to make sucky life choices to get them, why can’t I? Why am I always being told a giant cosmic no? Why am I so bad and wrong and not allowed to have good things happen to me too? Why do I have to wait forever and ever and ever and ever and ever on shit?

I wanted to discuss that with the other witchy folks tonight, but the conversation never quite went that way, what with dudes who weren’t so into that kind of conversation roaming in and out. Maybe later.

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