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This Week's Expense Report

2012-06-28, 11:28 a.m.

I have heard back from Zipcar regarding The Incident.

For the record: it cost them $1,603.00 to fix the car, they are charging me $500 for it.


Oh well, this is what savings are for--car repairs.

I feel glad I haven't been booking cars for the last couple of weeks, though. And by my schedule, I won't even be doing it until the second week of July. I just feel bad.

On Monday, I went out and bought all of the guitar accessories--soft case, smallest headphone portable battery-powered amp I could find, extra strings, tuner app, capo, and strap. It cost me under $150 for the whole lot, which is good. I am already decorating the shit out of the strap--made a bulky yarn cover for it out of red and purple yarn, and am designing guitar pick holders and another strap cover too.

I have signed up for a 4-week guitar class through the Experimental College, starting Monday. Well, theoretically. I forgot that it's summer and thus nobody is likely to sign up for it other than me, so it probably won't run.

I have found like 20 phone numbers of guitar instructors around town, which is good. Though I an kind of annoyed that I am going to have to call every darned one of them and talk to them personally about their fees and availability and crap because nobody like, has a webpage anywhere to check these things out. Seriously, folks, it's the modern era. I also really hate engaging in conversation with someone about this sort of thing and like, being ambushed with total expensiveness and things like that right on the phone. I'd rather find that out before I let my fingers do the walking, dammit.

So I haven't started calling yet. I am sort of tempted to just watch YouTube videos and Netflix some DVD's if this class doesn't go instead so I can avoid calling humans.

I also am going to purchase David Sedaris tickets--he's coming out here again in fall.

I am also planning on going out to Roseville for this week's driving trip to check out all the cool stores again.

It's an expensive week.

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