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Reneging, Stupidity, and Hypocrisy

2006-07-12, 11:05 a.m.

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This entry is a total bitching-about-Mom rant. I won't mind if you skip it today.

As of Monday, Mom predictably reneged on the "letting Dad go." Wah wah, I just can't bear to let him go, wah wah as long as he can still open his eyes and look at me (I said, "He hasn't looked at me in ages, DON'T GIVE ME THAT SHIT"), wah wah he'll die on the spot if I talk to him about it, wah wah I couldn't let Grandmummy die either, wah wah yes Jen even if you were in a coma and I know damned well you would want to die I will still keep you alive forever because I CAN'T EVER LET GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

I just love how my closest relative, the only one I have to deal with legal matters, admits she has no intention of listening to my wishes should I ever end up in a coma.

I told her to stop lying that she'll ever even consider letting him go, and he'll have to choose to die on his own because she'll never lift a finger to say otherwise.

She changed the subject back to plumbing.

Incidentally, this really describes her relationship with Mauricio.

Oh, and speaking of those two subjects: I gather he's talking her into redoing my bathroom (i.e. the public bathroom) in the house. Putting in a Jacuzzi tub or new windows or something.

Now, while I'd LOVE access to a Jacuzzi tub, I was all, "Um, given how crazy life is now and how that's only gonna get worse in the next few months, do you really think NOW is the time to drop lots of money and effort and cause all kinds of hell just to get the bathroom (which nobody but her and me even comes over to use) redone?"

She claims she hasn't officially decided yet. I know damned well that she'll do it now because her psuedo-boyfriend says she should, logic be damned. And then guess who gets to deal with her being sooooooo stressed out that her bathroom is ripped up for six months? Who's going to have to come home and help her clean so they can rebuild it?

I am so sick of people choosing to do stupid shit that WILL MAKE THEM MISERABLE and then they are all "la la la, denial!!!!" about the making them miserable bit. WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS?!?!?

Then she proceeded to yell at me about my messy apartment at great length and in great detail. I think that someone who has papers on every single available surface so that you can't sit down anywhere and can barely walk through rooms CAN'T FUCKING THROW STONES HERE about that, but naturally she disagrees. I hung up on her. It was sweet.

Course, I will pay for that tonight.

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