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My Path Was Ridiculous

2020-08-07, 4:01 p.m.

I spent almost the entire work day proofreading 377 pages. Over six hours of this. My boss has "put the word in" grandboss's ear about more tech fixes for this so I don't have to fix all the weird spacing and tedious shit. I found more problems--well, one of the issues from yesterday wasn't fixed when we thought it was--but then I was almost done....and then something went wrong with the formatting and I had to redo that all over again. I "reworked" this three freaking times in all and finally finished at 4:45 p.m. I couldn't deal with any other damn disasters.

The only part of the day where I didn't do this was the hour I spent training the new girl, which went well. At one point she said she took so many notes they tend to become illegible because of trying to keep up, and I said "me too." She said that for the last two weekends she's actually felt so exhausted that she needs the weekend of rest. I restrained myself from saying "yeah, that's going to be every weekend of your future" exactly, but I said yeah, I've been collapsing the last few weekends myself.

I was exhausted after this. I got drunk, I made an omelet while drunk (huzzah, successfully) and then went to bed to lie there for 2 hours on a Friday night. I'm back up now, but I will probably go back to bed again soon.

Mom called. She's getting $200+ in unemployment (I pointed out that she has to prove she's looking for jobs), and she went over to Roger's best friend's house (note: next door) to socialize with them...and their daughters...and their grandchildren....

*facepalm* I thought about asking if she took ANY precautions, but what good is that going to do to ask.

At some point she said something about did I take pictures of all my crafts and I said yes, there's a website for that, so she wanted to see it. We'll see if she actually views it, but what the heck. Amusingly, when I texted the photo, my phone somehow showed a picture of Dawn's dog's butt.

I realized while talking to her that I did not get a callback for that play, as they said if you did you'd hear by Friday. Darn it. Oh well. Shanna apparently forgot to turn in her audition so we'll both not be in it together. I will be sad after all the play activity ends.


How to Get Started in Historical Costuming. Start slow on sewing, start with Regency costumes because they're the simplest, and "we love baby costumers!"

HISTORICALLY ACCURATE VS. FANTASY INTERPRETATION: How To Create Stunning Costumes This video is a delight not only for the people and discussions and outfits and whatnot, but also because Courtney's cat keeps meowing his upset at her and making everyone else giggle. "Yes. Everybody knows you're Very Angry, okay?" The cat makes a brief visit, as does her daughter "Tornado."

So the panelists discuss their training and degrees vs. what they do for a day job. Daisy was into theater but well, "the world is math to me" and theater careers are what they are, so she ended up in chemical engineering. Ariana is a programmer because that's the family business. Courtney is an art major "and now I work in admin." I hear ya, girl. "My path was ridiculous! Don't do it! Like don't do it unless you are okay with the idea that you are not going to be working in your field or that you will have a very difficult time finding work in your field." Well, after I got laid off out of journalism, I knew I'd never get to work in a field I wanted to again. It's practicality. And these days, much as my work literally drains me, I have to be grateful for that. I'm not expendable, I'm not running my own business, what I do isn't shut down potentially forever due to disease. So there's that.

Also: be practical about your fabric. Keep the historical attitude. "If I were a Victorian and I saw a serger, would I use one?" Yes, because they loved inventions! Sneak in a zipper if you can't get into a corset alone and you're not entering it in a competition.

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