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Dreaming of Hearts

2020-08-12, 4:29 p.m.

(Written circa lunch at the start of this.)

Last night I dreamed I found three hearts out on the street. It's nice to still be able to find hearts despite not leaving the house any more. Good job, dream, you were actually useful for a change!

So my boss is out on vacation for four looooooooooooong days. This of course means that much as I do not want to, I will have to spend Lots Of Quality Time with Grandboss. God help me. Oh, who am I kidding, he won't on this one. I was immediately told by my boss to schedule time with Grandboss (and Lioness and the new girl) to show her Yet Another Tedious Manual Process on Thursday. And unfortunately I need Grandboss or someone else to run me a report. I asked for it last week, no response. My boss said she'd do it yesterday, then obviously didn't get to it. Then someone else asked me was I done with it yet and I had to say I haven't even GOTTEN it yet, much less started or finished it yet, forcing me to have to ask Grandboss directly in the morning meeting. Guess what? SHE WANTS A PRIVATE MEETING TO DISCUSS IT. What the goddamned hell? She's done this before without issues--like the whole thing was her idea months ago--and now we have to hash it out again? Then she invited the remaining manager (Penguin Girl) to the meeting, which I am fine with because by all means I don't want to be talking to her alone, but I'm not sure what PG is supposed to be doing exactly? (I asked her, she said she doesn't know how to run them either.)

Ughhhhhhh. I am just going to get in whopping trouble and I can't call in sick to avoid her. Too much going on at work now and I can't. I also found this today and thought, "yeah, that's her, she hammers it in for an hour."

Later: actually, today's went all right, she turned it into a training meeting for another manager (I asked for a SQL report) and trained the other manager in that, I just sat there, it was chill. Whew. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

I had rehearsal early tonight because I got the new recording for "Tuck Be A Lady" and it's....a lot shorter than expected. I never know with these people if they've cut more lines or what, but it was a minute 13 seconds and ended on a literal bad note two verses short.... So rehearsal was about five minutes and then they were all "Oh, it's cut off!" So.... I need to get another recording done, RIGHT before I perform it tomorrow. Oooookay....and they did cut lines from it, but just some of the extra "Tuck Be A Lady's." I repeat: SO CONFUSED. But at least Brunette Sarah figured out "Oh, I'm Bonnie" this morning, so there's that!

We were told that Jason "has asked for less singing responsibilities" and Morgan has volunteered to sing the song for Little John, which the original didn't want to do. Robert has shaved his beard and his head into a tonsure. "I'm not going out in public anyway." sigh They are still stealing video to put into the caravan scene sigh People are going to have to learn the hard way, I guess. Alexis's parents kept walking through the scenes, but at least not during actual scenes being filmed. Her mom stopped a few times to wave at the camera. "They gotta get their ya-yas out while she's changing," I said. Robin and Marian were so cute--she blows a kiss, he catches it on the cheek, it's very touching.

About half the night was filming the caravan scene (Robin robs Prince John and company of the money they supposedly raised for Richard's ransom and are hiding, and all ladies get wooed). We were told to pretend we're riding horses. "I'm not pulling out the horses" (from yesterday) "for this?"
"Hold your horses, Jennifer" -me and Linda
Sarah holds her hands like holding reins: "I don't think I want that. It's like you're pretending to be a rabbit or something." -Linda

"In case I need to make an example of myself, I'm here." -Linda

Linda to Jason on what weapon to brandish: "You can take your lute if you want to use it menacingly." Jason said maybe he should save that gag for later, Linda agreed, Jason whipped out a sword instead even though "I know you have plenty of bows and arrows in your home."

I asked when was the appropriate time to go from "I'm afraid for my life because people are brandishing swords at me" to flirting with someone brandishing said sword? "Oh, at any point, this is all pretend, Jennifer." -Linda. We refilmed that several times. I am really not sure how the flirting is supposed to be going here...well, Morgan and I certainly did it, mind you, I just wonder how much of it ends up in the final product.

"Robin invited everyone to dinner and I got all pissy and left." -Bridget

"I know how to treat a lady." -Cameron

Linda has a slide show of tragic photos/art from the medieval era to show TEH HORRORZ of what the bad guys are doing. "I don't want to scare you, but I've got a really gruesome one here," she said, showing one that straight up looked like a zombie.

"I'm sorry, Linda, but we can still see you and not your background!" -Elizabeth "Maybe that's what Jason was laughing about?" -Bridget
"Maybe he was crying." -Sarah "I was trying to play it off like that..." -Jason "Maybe they're torturing me!" -Linda

"I gotta have my cloak on so I can take it off ." -Bridget (Robin steals the Sheriff's cloak and he's mad.)

Linda wants to line up the boxes so that the men are under the ladies. "And where is Robin Hood?" -Elizabeth "He's underneath YOU! And Little John is underneath Jennifer." -Linda

"I heard a ding-dong, but I'm not going to worry about it." -Linda

Anyway, Linda's happy with it, says we're doing great, we're fabulous, she could watch us all night, etc. Awww.

Well, Evan is officially coming to visit soon, so Mom wants to come up here on Saturday. What I haven't told her is that I am caving in and going to my eye doctor appointment in the old hometown Saturday morning. (I reaaaaaaaaalllly don't wanna.) I was NOT going to tell her. I feel like the universe is forcing me to see her even though I don't want to do it six feet apart in masks and feeling upset about it. I don't think I have a choice about it now.

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