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One Year Left?

2011-08-19, 10:29 a.m.

I have been working for my employer for exactly nine years today. It is also the last day for the big boss, who is quitting to move to LA. Hmmm.

I am giving myself one year to...actually, not so much one year. Given how leases work in this town (i.e. mandatorily one year at every single place in town, running September 1-August 31, and my complex usually wants you to re-up around March), I will have to decide if I want to move in September by March. Assuming they don't try to jump the gun again the way they did this year when they tried to demand that we re-up in February, grr. It will massively screw me for continuing to live here without a car if I don't renew my lease, so when it comes down to that I'd better be fucking sure that I can leave when the time comes. And if I decide to move, I will EXACTLY get in my ten years here (you supposedly get benefits that will last even if you quit your job after that after the ten) as of a Sunday... and then have JUST enough time to give two weeks notice before having to move.

Timing, eh? Who would have thought 9 years ago that things could play out that conveniently? Assuming I don't get laid off between now and then, of course, but what with the big boss quitting and god only knows what's going on with the higher-ups and all, layoff talk has gone on the down low, so for the moment, or at least maybe another month or two, I can breathe easier.

My shrink claims this is plenty of time to make the decision, to which I am all, "hah." Since I can't even really start in on the "having enough credit to deal with a bank about buying a car" thing until January 1, 2012.... oh man. It seems like plenty of time, but when it really boils down to "stall and wait until 2012 and then have to decide ASAP and shit bricks," not so much. And I have to do it all by myself, without help, being a total clueless idiot.

Anyone else think this isn't going to go well and come this time next year I'll still be here, never leaving? Yeah, me too. I may have intentions, but without a clue as to how to carry them out I might as well be talking out of my ass here. I wouldn't believe me either.

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