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Bill and Ted Face The Music

2020-08-31, 4:06 p.m.

Work: my giant quarterly project is DONE, as in I literally sent it in within the last few minutes of work, because suddenly everyone wanted to change their addresses. I must have changed at least 35 of the damn things JUST TODAY at the dead last minute. Exhausted.

In the morning meeting, we had our first public crying on Zoom* when a coworker announced that her boyfriend just moved to San Jose. "We're still together," she said, sniffling, but I'm confused as to what is going on (new job?) and she didn't say. She JUST bought a house and had him and their roommates move in a few weeks ago and I know she thinks they'll get married someday and they've been together 4 years. This seems out of the blue for me, but I don't get to chat with her that much about non-work stuff so I am not in the loop there. Anyway, we get asked every Monday how the weekend went and she said "I feel pressured." I don't know if she felt pressured with regards to him or just being forced to spill beans in the meeting, though. But ouuuuuuuch. Poor girl.

* It wasn't me!

My boss is finishing phone screens soon and then "in person" interviews this week, with quote fingers.

As for my coworker with the dog, he has been allowed to come home/get off IV's but isn't out of the woods yet. Doggie is very tired and on a lot of medication. Looks like the GoFundMe got about half of its goal, but she also had a Venmo account (I used that one), so money could have come in elsewhere. Anyway, here's to hoping he bounces back soon.

Groceries: I finally got them today! Late (during lunch, I ordered for the 10-11 hour) but still, got 'em and they didn't arrive during a work meeting! Charged, got the new receipt, everything! (Never did hear back about the old order, though, but unsurprised.) It seems like there's always about $20 worth of it they can't get somehow, but at least I have NEW FOOD. My freezer was so literally full. This goddess would approve of my freezer, which is 100% full now. I actually had to go eat something right away in order to fit everything into it. I had an actual meal during lunch and then made a pizza after work and then I'm still hungry and just made ANOTHER pizza. SO MUCH PIZZA. I REALLY WANTED PIZZA. They didn't have the specific kind I wanted, but any will do, man.

Kelly has been emailing about play stuff. Right now she is trying to figure out if it's realistic or not to have an interracial lesbian relationship in 1970 in the Midwest. I offered to post the question on an advice website and we'll see what we get, if anything. Kelly says we should get credit on the creative team for this one!

No word on anything I ordered otherwise, but Jackie got one of the gifts she requested, and it was smashed, she said. Joy. She shall complain. I can't find the receipt for it, sigh.

Jackie is already getting on me about what gifts I'm going to get all my friends for Christmas. I was all, you know what, most of them are barely talking to me this year, NO, I DON'T THINK GIFT EXCHANGING IS GOING TO HAPPEN. She says there's no excuse to not be gifting. (Not even a fire?! Seriously?!) Also, I know she's literally buying everyone's Christmas gifts in August, but good lord, I don't even worry about the damn Christmas gifts until November. And call it a hunch that it's going to be a sucky Christmas this year so I can't even care, really. Gonna spend Christmas alone, and Thanksgiving, and Halloween, same as Easter and the 4th of July. A holiday isn't a holiday without other people around. And when you can't even get anything in the mail, what is the point?

I thought this was very sweet.

LNU Fire is over 50% contained!

This is.... funky.

Because I have nothing else to do tonight, let's watch Bill and Ted Face the Music:

The summary: Despite having a hit song, somehow B&T have not saved the world. Instead, their band broke up, they haven't done so well, and they're still trying to write the world saving song for 25 years and their wives are a bit fed up. They have daughters, Billie and Thea, who spend all their time educating themselves on music and not having jobs, I guess.

Then Kelly, Rufus's daughter, shows up to tell them they need to come up with the song in like, 75 minutes. B&T's bright idea is to find a future version of themselves that DOES have the song, which, I guess, actually happens. Meanwhile, their wives run off with future versions of themselves, looking to find a place where they are all happy together.

Kelly's mom, the Great Leader, somehow has the bright idea to send a not-Terminator after B&T. Why? I have no idea, really, there's some vague remark about maybe their deaths will do it that makes no sense. But that happens. While Kelly tries to deal with that, she lets Billie and Thea use her time machine pod to round up musicians. Then all of them run into the not-Terminator, who zaps them all to hell. When Bill and Ted find this out, they ask the not-Terminator to zap them to hell too, where they reunite with their snippy ex-bandmate Death, who they were feuding with. Billie and Thea manage to get everyone to make up, and everybody flies out of hell and to the location where the song has to be played.
Bill and Ted get the idea that maybe it's their kids that come up with the song (unclear why, they appear to be DJ's rather than guitarists), and Bill and Ted and their wives go time traveling around to give everyone instruments so that everyone all over the multiverse can play together in the spirit of peace and harmony. That's the song, y'all. It's not fantastic, but it's a team effort.

Oh, and Kid Cudi is ....I have no idea what, a Time Lord?, fluffy, sweet, kinda a little not making sense with the plot, especially the not-Terminator, which I did not love. But hey, whatever works to distract me for 90 minutes, which actually happened for a change.

Smartass remarks I wrote down while watching:
* Bill and Ted's song did NOT unite the world, the band broke up, and they became washouts. Awwwww.
* "Ted and I have known Missy in different capacities for many decades." BWAHAHAHAAH THEY ARE AT ANOTHER MISSY'S WEDDING.
* Babysitter, stepmom, stepmom, now she's my sister-in-law....
* And we're still hoping this song unites the world..... awwwwww.
* Welp, they seem to have gotten WEIRD musically in their old age.
* On the good side, I guess Ted learned how to play bagpipes and other instruments?
* "We're a couple of couples, right?"
* Clearly the wives were recast to look as similar to B&T as possible. Jayma Mays in particular is really resembling Bill around the eyes.
* The guys do at least get that something's wrong at home.
* "The wedding song was most luminous." "When did you get so expert on theremin?"
* Ted can name each individual fan.
* "Dude, dude, it's the FUTURE."
* There is a hologram of Rufus, briefly. Awwww.
* "What have you got to say for yourselves?" Exactly what you think they are gonna say.
* "Dude. They totally hate us."
* "Kelly, how does a song save reality?" Alas, nobody will tell them.
* "Sometimes things don't make sense until the end of the story." True dat.
* Ted suggests the "one, two, skip a few" method of problem solving.
* San Dimas 2022: IS THE PANDEMIC OVER WITH YET?!?!? is all I can think. On the one hand, they are in a bar. On the other hand, it's a very socially distant bar because nobody's in it.
* This is incredibly sad: their wives got a time machine, looked for some universe where they can be happy, and didn't find it.
* George Carlin was married to Holland Taylor?!
* Hint hint, OTHER INTERPRETATIONS. Like...killing them? What?
* Oh good, Kelly came back.
* The girls want to use the booth while Kelly waits around on the Terminator.
* "Princesses." "Sure, that's a word."
* And here's the future princesses.
* Wilhelmina Bill Preston and Thea Theodora Logan
* How do you recruit Jimi Hendrix? Recruit Louis Armstrong. The girls have the most fun bit in this.
* Those outfits on 5-year-guys are....something.
* "So uh, why do you both have English accents?" "Once Bill and I got knighted...."
* "I always seem to act weird with myself." -Ted
* And 5-year-B&T .... stole Dave Grohl's song? And have outfits?
* The rest of Ted's relatives are cops. Oy.
* "Maybe we should always not know what we're doing."
* Uh-oh, Dad just got...shot? Death is here.
* Jimi jams with Mozart.
* It's the year 2030 now. And...prison. With "Wyld Stallyuns" and "Excellent' tattoos
* I dunno, the prison usses seem a little better, oddly enough.....
* Brief run-in with the wives.
* "Most non-triumphant" robot
* "Well, I'm trying to save the world here too, MOTHER!!!!" "Well, the Sahara desert just showed up in San Dimas... How do I know you won't send a killer robot after me, Mom?"
* Random Kid Cudi.
* How do Kid Cudi and the kids get what's going on?
* And the robot just....sucked up everyone?
* 2067: no, I don't think the nursing home guys have it either.
* Oh, wait, they do?!
* This whole scene is actually very sweet.
* "I lasered your daughters."
* "We have to go get them!" "Shoot us!"
* This whole robot thing is lame, gotta say.
* The wives see them get shot
* "I have a name. It's Dennis. Dennis McCoy."
* "Enjoy hell." "Have a good time."
* "And you named him Dennis? After my ex?!"
* It took a trip to hell to convert Ted's dad.
* Kid Cudi now thinks he's a historical figure.
* There appears to be a lot of disputes between the former band members/Death.
* The girls are good at musical admiration, though.
* "Anyone know where MP46 is?"
* It's at... the airport?
* Did anyone bring any musical instruments? Just wondering.
* So yes, this person on the Internet actually called the entire plot of this movie. Well, almost all of it. But very close.
* Oh, they just got some?
* "We realized we're happiest in this reality." The wives return!
* How is Kid Cudi a....whatever he is? "I don't mean to be rude, but we have four and a half minutes."
* Original B&T have an idea to ...distribute instruments throughout all time and space?
* Poor Kelly doesn't even get to stick around for the best show of all time? That's sad.
* So somehow they all manage to hand out instruments to everyone
* "I'm essentially an infinite me."
* Look, I get that writing the greatest song in the world (not a tribute) is hard, but.... what is going on here? Just....yeah, I dunno, but I'm glad they're having a good time at it?
* And Kid Cudi....what, just disappeared himself?
* "It wasn't the song that made the difference." "It was everyone playing it together." "And it worked."

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